Istanbul Basaksehir's chairman Göksel Gümüsdag thinks there should be a lifelong suspension for the fourth official who made a racist comment on Tuesday evening during the Champions League match against Paris Saint-Germain.

Assistant coach Pierre Webó van Basaksehir was red from Romanian referee Ovidiu Hategan after just fifteen minutes of play in Paris.

Fourth official Sebastian Coltescu would have referred to him just before as "

Ala negru

" ('that black man', ed.), After which there was a lot of commotion on the sidelines.

"Such a referee should be suspended for life," said chairman Gümüsdag in Turkish media on Thursday.

"An example must be set. December 8 will go down in world history as a day of resistance against racism."

The players of Istanbul Basaksehir and Paris Saint-Germain decided to leave the field after the racist incident.

The game was first halted, after which UEFA decided to finish the remainder of the game on Wednesday evening with new arbitration.

Under the leadership of referee Danny Makkelie, PSG eventually won 5-1 against Basaksehir, which already had no chance for a place in the eighth finals.

Players and the arbitration board decided to kneel before the game in protest against racism.