Badr Hari feels completely ready for the fight with Benjamin Adegbuyi more than a month after resuming training.

The Amsterdam kickboxer still feared for his life in October when he was infected with the corona virus.

On October 19, it was announced that Hari had tested positive for COVID-19.

The fight with Adegbuyi scheduled for November 7, therefore, had to be postponed.

Hari was in bed quite sick for about a week and a half.

"It was a really difficult period," Hari said on Wednesday in a conference call with some journalists.

"I was very ill, especially in the first week."

Hari stayed at home in a separate room, while his partner and children stayed in the rest of the house.

"I haven't seen them in all this time. My wife put the food at the door, it took me a lot of effort to get it."

"At one point I felt so bad that I thought: have I arranged everything properly for the children when I am gone?"

Romanian Benjamin Adegbuyi is higher than Badr Hari in the GLORY ranking.

(Photo: GLORY)

Hari calls fight with Adegbuyi 'walk in the park'

After twelve days lonely in bed, the kickboxer had recovered and saw his children again.

Shortly afterwards, he resumed training for the fight with Adegbuyi, which will be held on December 19 at an unknown location in Rotterdam.

"I feel very good now again", said Hari, who fights under the Moroccan flag.

"I train hard and I am very constant about it. I live for my sport, always go to bed early."

While Adegbuyi (35) is one spot higher on the GLORY heavyweights rankings, Hari (36) sees herself as a sky-high favorite.

"Really, this is

easy money

for me. A

walk in the park

. I beat men who were a legend to this boy."

Murthel Groenhart is unable to play due to an injury on December 19.

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Groenhart misses title fight due to injury

Hari vs Adegbuyi is the main fight of GLORY 76, the kickboxing association's first event since the corona crisis.

GLORY announced on Wednesday that the other fight between Murthel Groenhart and Frenchman Cedric Doumbé for the world welterweight title cannot continue, because the Dutchman injured himself during training.

A new opponent is being sought for defending champion Doumbé, so that a title fight can still take place.