China News Service, December 9th. In the early morning of the 9th Beijing time, the first round of the Snooker Scottish Open ended all the competition.

On the day of the competition, 12 Chinese players played and 8 advanced, plus Ding Junhui, who was promoted on the first day, and 4 others. A total of 12 Chinese athletes advanced to the second round.

  Of the 12 Chinese players who competed that day, 8 successfully cleared the customs.

Zhao Xintong took the lead and quickly resolved the battle, knocking out veteran Rod Lawler with 50+ in one shot and two shots.

Tian Pengfei shot 69, 104 and 129 single shots, defeating Gould 4:1.

Lu Ning, who performed well in the British Championships, continued to be in good shape, sweeping Parsons 4:0, Zhao Jianbo and Lu Haotian also defeated their opponents with the same score.

Li Xing defeated the teenager Luo Honghao 4:3 in a Chinese "derby".

Liang Wenbo also broke a hundred and eliminated Lili 4:1.

Chang Bingyu also defeated veteran Dahdi 4:1.

Snooker Scottish Open in the first round of the second day of the game.

  In the remaining few focus games, Trump, ranked number one in the world, faced Swiss player Usenbach and won a 4:1 victory.

A single shot of 66, 52 and 69 points helped Trump establish a 3-0 advantage.

Usenbach scored a goal with 70 points on a single shot.

Trump tried to hit 147 in the fifth game, but was interrupted after scoring 81 points.

  Mark Williams played against German Cleckles.

With a 1:3 lag, Mark Williams won 3 games in a row and the total score was 4:3.

Higgins was also behind 1:3, and finally reversed Vahdi 4:3 to a thrilling pass.

"Rocket" O'Sullivan fell behind 0:2 in the opening game, but then shot a break 100 plus three 50+, and finally won 4:2.