The board of the Dutch gymnastics association KNGU has ended the collaboration with coaches Frank Louter and Patrick Kiens.

The two trainers are therefore no longer part of the national top sports program for ladies gymnasts.

According to the gymnastics union, the decision to end the collaboration is independent of the ongoing (disciplinary) investigation into the abuses in gymnastics.

According to technical director Mark Meijer, "a big difference of opinion about the cultural change that has to be gone through" is the reason behind the decision.

"I have come to the conclusion that the difference of opinion about the content of the top sports program for ladies gymnasts is too great and unfortunately has turned out to be unbridgeable", says Meijer.

"The considerations were individual per coach, but the conclusion was the same, namely that as far as I am concerned there is no longer a basis for further cooperation."

The KNGU decided to stop the top sports program for women at the end of July after reports of physical and mental abuse.

National trainers Vincent Wevers and Gerben Wiersma were put on hold and other coaches, including Louter (TON Almelo) and Kiens (SV Pax Haarlemmermeer), were asked to take a step back.

Research has not yet been completed

At the beginning of September, gymnasts were again given permission to train with a coach of their choice, but there were some conditions attached.

For example, the Institute for Sports Justice (ISR) must approve the chosen coach and the board of the KNGU retains the right to intervene if necessary.

The gymnastics association did this at the end of September by putting Nico Zijp on inactive for more than a month because of reports that had been received about unacceptable behavior.

Now Louter and Kiens also have to stop working for the time being.

The KNGU investigation into abuses in the gymnastics world has not yet been fully completed.