Last week Gladbach II won 2-1 against SC Preußen Münster.

Thus Borussia Mönchengladbach II occupies eighth place in the table with 25 points.

Wegberg-Beeck's home balance sheet can be expanded.

Only ten points were taken from nine home games.

The season for the home team has been average so far: FCW has recorded a total of five wins, six draws and six defeats.

In the last five games, FC Wegberg-Beeck only managed one win in 1920.

Seven wins and four draws are compared to five bankruptcies in the BMG II balance sheet.

Eight points from the last five encounters represent a reasonable yield for the guest.


Borussia Mönchengladbach II has Wegberg-Beeck in the neck.

FCW is only four points behind Gladbach II in the ranking.

FC Wegberg-Beeck 1920 with BMG II does not have an easy task in front of the chest in the next match and has to go to the performance limit to get something countable.

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