The match between




in the




has been interrupted by a

racist incident

caused by the fourth official.

The Turkish players have retired to the dressing room followed by those of the local team.

The score for the last match of group H of the Champions League was equal to zero.

The incident occurred in

minute 16

when the referee sent off

Achille Pierre Webo

, former Cameroonian striker who is part of the Turkish team squad.

The red card is motivated by his aggressive behavior towards the fourth official, a

Romanian national

as the referee.

Webo says that this one has called him "


" term considered contemptuous in English.

"He did

n't say black, he said black


After more than five minutes of debate in the technical zone, with




asking the referee to verify what happened, players, technicians and the referee team have lined up for the dressing room.

To resolve the conflict, it was decided that the fourth official and one of the VAR officials exchange their positions.



has asked the two teams to return to the field so that the match continues at

10 pm


According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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