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sc Heerenveen-PSV 2 minutes ago

78 'GOAL Heerenveen! 


The home team turns it all around!

Van Bergen creates space for himself with his speed on the right, passes Boscagli and knocks Mvogo with a bang in the far corner.

PSV suddenly has major problems in Friesland.

2 minutes ago

sc Heerenveen-PSV 2 minutes ago

78 'Still special.

Malen and Götze leave PSV and are replaced by Piroe and Ledezma.

sc Heerenveen-PSV · 5 minutes ago

75 'The equalizer has visibly helped Heerenveen.

The Frisians can often be found at half of PSV, but real chances of 2-1 are not (yet).

PSV has lost it for a while and has to go back.

sc Heerenveen-PSV · 8 minutes ago

72 'He has now passed by in Friesland.

The home team comes alongside out of nowhere and that makes the game spring up a bit.

Is there even more in it for Heerenveen?

sc Heerenveen-PSV 11 minutes ago

69 'GOAL Heerenveen! 


Out of nowhere it is 1-1 in Friesland!

Henk Veerman is released completely, is found by Joey Veerman and pushes the ball against the ropes.

sc Heerenveen-PSV 12 minutes ago

68 'We are halfway through the second half and the fans have hardly missed anything since the halftime signal.

Will there still be some spectacle in the last part of this game?

12 minutes ago

sc Heerenveen-PSV 16 minutes ago

64 'It is not the best second half.

Heerenveen does not manage to make PSV really difficult and the visitors also show little.

PSV still leads 0-1.

sc Heerenveen-PSV 22 minutes ago

59 'Benjamin Nygren comes in from the right and takes out, but his shot goes wide.

It is Heerenveen's first opportunity after the break.

sc Heerenveen-PSV 23 minutes ago

57 'The game image is no different than for rest.

PSV has a lot of the ball in the axis of the field, but does not come close to the goal of Heerenveen.

This also applies to the home team, who pose no danger.

sc Heerenveen-PSV 29 minutes ago

51 'No moments of excitement after the break.

PSV has the ball and does not need to, because the visitors are already ahead.

Heerenveen is lurking for the mistake in the hope of being able to strike in the switch.

sc Heerenveen-PSV 35 minutes ago

46 'The ball rolls again in Friesland! 

PSV leads 0-1 in Heerenveen.

Can the home team give back or do the visitors keep the lead?

35 minutes ago

sc Heerenveen-PSV 39 minutes ago

He was important for PSV in the first half!

Does he also keep his goal clean after the break?

💪🏾 @YMvogo #HEEPSV


Avatar Author PSVMoment of places17: 34 - December 6, 2020

sc Heerenveen-PSV one hour ago


PSV leads halfway with 0-1 against sc Heerenveen.

It is not undeserved, but the home team has also had real chances of a goal.

sc Heerenveen-PSV one hour ago

45 'Joey Veerman lashes out after a situation and the ball goes hard towards the corner, but Mvogo keeps his goal clean.

sc Heerenveen-PSV one hour ago

42 'Heerenveen is not doing well and that is also thanks to PSV.

The visitors dominate and lead 0-1 through a beautiful goal from Götze.

sc Heerenveen-PSV one hour ago

37 'What a great chance of the 0-2.

A nice attack produces a low cross from Denzel Dumfries, but Gakpo slides the ball wide of the open goal.

Heerenveen escapes ...

an hour ago

sc Heerenveen-PSV one hour ago

36 'Heerenveen has not yet been able to answer PSV's goal.

The people of Eindhoven make a good impression and have it under control, especially the final phase.

sc Heerenveen-PSV one hour ago

For example, PSV is ahead in Friesland after half an hour of play.

The visitors have a lot of the ball, but in terms of chances Heerenveen will still have the idea that the score should have been different.

sc Heerenveen-PSV one hour ago

28 'GOAL PSV! 


A wonderful goal from the visitors.

Cody Gakpo puts Mario Götze in front of the keeper and the German skilfully jumps the ball over Mulder.

PSV leads 0-1 in Heerenveen!

sc Heerenveen-PSV one hour ago

25 'So!

Olivier Boscagli extends the ball nicely behind the standing leg, but the acrobatic action does not score PSV.

Mulder can reverse the bet.

sc Heerenveen-PSV one hour ago

21 'What an opportunity for Henk Veerman!

Mitchell van Bergen escapes and prepares the ball for the Heerenveen striker, but he shoots against Mvogo.

Great reflex of the PSV keeper.

an hour ago

sc Heerenveen-PSV one hour ago

20 'Ibrahim Sangaré tries from a distance and that attempt is not without merit, but goalkeeper Erwin Mulder parries the shot.

sc Heerenveen-PSV one hour ago

18 'PSV has a hard time in Heerenveen and that is not surprising.

The Frisians have everything in order and keep visitors away from the goal.

sc Heerenveen-PSV one hour ago

13 'Rosario gets the first yellow card of this game after a somewhat wild foul on Joey Veerman.

sc Heerenveen-PSV one hour ago

The first chance of the match was here for Henk Veerman.

Furthermore, it is a fairly quiet opening phase.

PSV does have the ball, but has not yet hit the target.

sc Heerenveen-PSV 2 hours ago

7 'PSV is still waiting for the first real chance in Friesland.

Heerenveen is certainly not afraid of the home team and is brutally looking for the attack.

sc Heerenveen-PSV 2 hours ago

2 'The first chance is for the home team.

Henk Veerman can continue for a long time after a mistake by Pablo Rosario, but goalkeeper Mvogo can turn the striker's shot.

sc Heerenveen-PSV 2 hours ago

1 'We play football in Friesland! 

As a top club, will PSV take the three points or will the Eindhoven spill, as is often the case, on a visit to Heerenveen?

sc Heerenveen-PSV 2 hours ago

The players enter the field in Heerenveen.

We will start in a few minutes!

sc Heerenveen-PSV 2 hours ago

These are the 22 names we see on the field in Friesland:

Opstelling Heerenveen

: Mulder;

Floranus, Van Hecke, Bochniewicz, Woudenberg;

Kongolo, Dewaele, Veerman;

Nygren, Veerman, Van Bergen.

PSV line-up

: Mvogo;

Dumfries, Teze, Boscagli, Max;

Götze, Sangaré, Rosario, Ihattaren;

Gakpo, Grind.

AZ-FC Groningen 2 hours ago

Koopmeiners: 'Chaotic, hectic and special'

Teun Koopmeiners experiences with AZ with a bizarre loss against FC Groningen a fitting end to an equally bizarre week.

"It has been a very chaotic couple of days. Then you want to close that well with a win, but that did not work", said the captain, who sees the turning point in the first red card.

"That red card is not smart of us, Midtsjø just comes too late. Then you call it out about yourself, because you know they are going to come. I think I better not say anything about the final phase now."

Koopmeiners does not want to hide behind the unrest at the club after the dismissal of Arne Slot, but also does not deny that it has had an influence on the players.

"That's the crazy thing about the football world. I couldn't even speak to the coach anymore or he was already in the car. It's very chaotic, hectic and strange. You rarely experience a day like that. Ultimately, as players, we are behind. The decision, but it is a shame, because Arne was a very good trainer for us. We want to thank him for that. The end did not go smoothly. We also have the confidence in Pascal, who has been put forward. show with a profit, but that did not happen. "

sc Heerenveen-PSV 2 hours ago

PSV winner of the weekend?

Ajax, Vitesse and AZ lost and Feyenoord played a draw.

PSV can be the winner of the weekend, but then the Eindhoven team must first win in Friesland at sc Heerenveen.

However, the people of Brabant have not been able to do that in recent years.

AZ-FC Groningen 2 hours ago

AZ suffers first loss after dramatic second half against Groningen

A turbulent week for AZ, in which head coach Arne Slot was fired, ended with the first defeat in the Eredivisie this season.

FC Groningen is too strong in Alkmaar with 1-2.

Before the break, there is not much going on for AZ, which takes the lead via Teun Koopmeiners.

After the break, however, everything goes wrong.

First Fredrik Midtsjø receives his second yellow card, after which Ahmed El Messaoudi turns the game upside down with two goals.

In the frustrated final phase, Bruno Martins Indi also gets his second yellow card and Groningen substitute Mo El Hankouri also has to break in prematurely.

FC Utrecht-ADO The Hague 2 hours ago


No winner in De Galgenwaard.

It becomes 1-1 at FC Utrecht-ADO Den Haag by goals from Justin Hoogma and Michiel Kramer.

ADO comes back in the final phase after a red card for Adrián Dalmau.

FC Utrecht-ADO The Hague 2 hours ago

90 + 4 'The final minute runs in Utrecht.

Will there be another winner or will it stay at 1-1?

AZ-FC Groningen 2 hours ago

90 + 5 'Red card FC Groningen!

FC Utrecht-ADO The Hague 2 hours ago

90 'There will be four more minutes in De Galgenwaard.

FC Utrecht-ADO The Hague 2 hours ago

89 'Just a few more minutes on the clock.

In any case, ADO has a result and is now also pushing for the full booty.

Utrecht has to go back and cannot help but survive.

AZ-FC Groningen 2 hours ago

AZ is really going to start the era after Arne Slot in the worst possible way.

FC Utrecht-ADO The Hague 2 hours ago

85 'GOAL ADO! 


Michiel Kramer does it for ADO and this goal comes out of nowhere.

The striker taps in from close by a low pass from Kees de Boer.

FC Utrecht-ADO The Hague 2 hours ago

84 'Just like Heracles earlier in the day, Utrecht also succeeds in holding out with one man less.

ADO tries, but does not create chances for the equalizer.

FC Utrecht-ADO The Hague 2 hours ago

Can we summarize Adrián Dalmau's raid in one photo?


AZ-FC Groningen 2 hours ago

85 '

Red card AZ!

It will only become more painful for AZ, which also sees Bruno Martins Indi leave prematurely.

The central defender gets his second yellow card for dangerous play.

AZ-FC Groningen 2 hours ago

Ahmed El Messaoudi takes a shot at the title man of the match.

The FC Groningen midfielder single-handedly turns a 1-0 deficit into a 1-2 lead against AZ.

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