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Ajax-FC Twente · a few seconds ago

18 'Promes fumbles past some Twente defenders and punts wide.

Ajax's so famous attacking game is not yet running at full speed this evening.

Ajax-FC Twente one minute ago

17 'As expected, Ajax is the parent in the opening phase, but the defensive organization of Twente is in good shape for the time being.

The Tukkers are on the lookout for the counterattack and meanwhile make playing football as difficult as possible for the team from Amsterdam.

one minute ago

PEC Zwolle-Vitesse 2 minutes ago

Tonight's last game also starts at 9 p.m.

It goes between PEC Zwolle and Vitesse and starts with these 22 players:

Line-up PEC Zwolle

: Zetterer;

Van Wermeskerken, Kersten, Nakayama, Paal;

Drost, Huiberts, Strieder, Reijnders;

Saymak, Van Duinen.

Vitesse setup

: Pasveer;

Wittek, Doekhi, Bazoer, Rasmussen, Touré;

Bero, Tannane, Bruns;

Broja, Darfalou.

Fortuna Sittard-Willem II9 minutes ago

67 'GOAL Willem II!


Is this the start of a phenomenal comeback, or just a goal of honor for Willem II?

In any case, Vangelis Pavlidis brushes the hateful zero of the scoreboard for the Tilburgers.

After a lot of cutting and turning, the Greek comes to a shot from just outside the box and passes Yannick van Osch.

Ajax-FC Twente · 10 minutes ago

Sean Klaiber on behalf of Ajax on the ball against FC Twente.

The right back can start at Noussair Mazraoui's place, possibly because the right back is spared the important Champions League confrontation with Atalanta on Wednesday.

Ajax-FC Twente 15 minutes ago

3 'Promes starts the game as a left winger, which means that Tadic starts from the right remarkably enough.

In the absence of the Brazilians Neres and Antony, someone will have to play right winger, but Ten Hag may have come up with a tactical trick here.

Ajax-FC Twente 17 minutes ago


  Ajax and FC Twente have started the top match of round eleven.

After all, it is a duel between the leader and the number five in the ranking.

17 minutes ago

Ajax-FC Twente 19 minutes ago

While a band of cheers and applause is played in the empty Johan Cruijff Arena, the players of Ajax and FC Twente enter the field.

Fortuna Sittard-Willem II25 minutes ago

50 'Fortuna thinks he will receive a penalty when Blom blows his whistle after Flemming is pulled down during a corner.

The VAR corrects the arbiter, however, apparently because the corner had not been taken before the foul was committed.

A strange situation, but Willem II is spared greater suffering for the time being.

Fortuna Sittard-Willem II25 minutes ago

FC Twente plays its nine hundredth away game in the Eredivisie.

The balance of the Tukkers at the moment is: W276-G261-V362.

Only Ajax, Feyenoord, PSV and Sparta have already played nine hundred duels in the Eredivisie.

Fortuna Sittard-Willem II 29 minutes ago

46 'The second half in Sittard has started.

Can Willem II achieve another miracle, or will Fortuna finally book the first win of the season?

In any case, the Tilburg team will play all or nothing, because Kwasi Wriedt comes in for Görkem Saglam.

After a long injury, the striker finally makes his debut for Willem II and immediately faces a tough job.

Ajax-FC Twente 38 minutes ago

André Onana is already ready, but has to wait another twenty minutes until the kick-off.

Who's ready for #ajatwe?



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Fortuna Sittard-Willem II one hour ago


A deadly efficient Fortuna Sittard is halfway on roses against Willem II.

The visitors have much more possession, but it is the home team that takes the lead with no less than 3-0 thanks to goals from Lisandro Semedo, Sebastian Polter (penalty kick) and Zian Flemming.

The Limburgers are well on their way to taking their first three-pointer of the season.

Fortuna Sittard-Willem II one hour ago

44 'GOAL Fortuna Sittard!


Fortuna remains deadly effective, but luck also hangs by the butt.

Zian Flemming hits from about 25 meters and sees the ball end up in the goal via the back of a Willem II player.

Goalkeeper Robbin Ruiter is also not going free, so this goal can attract the entire Tilburg defense.

Fortuna Sittard-Willem II one hour ago

Sebastian Polter cries out for joy after his exploited penalty kick.

It is the third goal of the season for the German, who is joint club top scorer.

Fortuna Sittard-Willem II one hour ago

36 'This attempt by Trésor is exemplary for Willem II's play.

The playmaker lashes out from a distance, because he doesn't get through the Fortuna wall, but sees his attempt over sailing.

Fortuna's battle plan is right down to the last detail for the time being.

Fortuna Sittard-Willem II one hour ago

29 'GOAL Fortuna Sittard!


Sebastian Polter puts himself behind the ball and slides in very calmly.

Fortuna is deadly efficient in this match, in which it is actually the underlying party in terms of game.

an hour ago

Fortuna Sittard-Willem II one hour ago

28 '

Penalty Fortuna Sittard!

Van der Heijden pulls Flemming over in the penalty area and that is seen by referee Blom.

The VAR reviews the chaotic situation again, but finds that the referee makes no mistake here.

Fortuna Sittard-Willem II one hour ago

25 'Willem II has much more possession than Fortuna (70 at 30 percent), but the home team simply does a lot more with it.

In addition to Semedo's goal, Polter has already headed just wide, while the Tilburgers have not yet made a serious goal attempt.

Fortuna Sittard-Willem II one hour ago

Goalscorer Lisandro Semedo and principal George Cox celebrate Fortuna Sittard's opening goal against Willem II.

Ajax-FC Twente one hour ago

This is the setup with which FC Twente coach Ron Jans wants to fight Ajax in an hour.

With Queensy Menig, Danilo Pereira and Vaclav Cerny, the entire attack consists of players with an Ajax past.

Danilo is even currently under contract with Ajax, as is central defender Kik Pierie.

Line-up FC Twente

: Drommel;

Ebuehi, Pleguezuelo, Pierie, Smal;

Brama, Roemeratoe, Ilic;

Cerny, Danilo, Many.

Fortuna Sittard-Willem II one hour ago

9 'GOAL Fortuna Sittard!


We don't have to wait long for the first goal in Sittard.

George Cox gives a treacherous cross from the left, which is missed by the entire Willem II defense.

Lisandro Semedo can reach the second pole and he simply taps in.

an hour ago

Ajax-FC Twente one hour ago

The Johan Cruijff Arena is already ready to receive the gladiators.

Ajax-FC Twente one hour ago

The line-up of Ajax against FC Twente is known.

Trainer Erik ten Hag gives Noussair Mazraoui and Antony a rest, in their place Sean Klaiber and Quincy Promes will kick off in the Johan Cruijff Arena at 8 p.m.

Ajax line-up

: Onana;

Klaiber, Schuurs, Blind, Tagliafico;

Klaassen, Labyad, Gravenberch;

Promes, Traoré, Tadic.

Fortuna Sittard-Willem II 2 hours ago


 Amid the thunderous roar of a fireworks show, the duel between Fortuna Sittard and Willem II has begun.

Will the Limburgers go for their first victory or will the Tilburgers book their third?

Fortuna Sittard-Willem II 2 hours ago

In fifteen minutes we will be ready for the next match, the one between Fortuna Sittard and Willem II.

RKC Waalwijk-VVV-Venlo 2 hours ago

RKC wins for the second time in a row in the Eredivisie, after it triumphed 0-2 last week at FC Twente.

That last happened in May 2013. At the time, the team of former trainer Erwin Koeman closed the competition with victories over Vitesse (3-2) and NEC (1-2).

RKC Waalwijk-VVV-Venlo 2 hours ago

RKC in the middle after victory over ten VVV

RKC Waalwijk has firmly established itself in the middle bracket thanks to a 3-2 win over VVV-Venlo.

In a match that goes in all directions, the Waalwijkers are the first to take the lead via Finn Stokkers, but Georgios Giakoumakis equalizes a few minutes later from the penalty spot.

In the second half VVV is better and Vito van Crooij heads his team in the lead.

After that, however, things go completely wrong for the Limburgers.

First Roy Gelmi is sent off the field with two yellow cards, after which RKC makes full use of the surplus situation via Ahmed Touba and Lennerd Daneels and still takes the three points.

RKC Waalwijk-VVV-Venlo 2 hours ago

87 'GOAL RKC Waalwijk!


It still goes completely wrong for VVV.

Lennerd Daneels simply combines with Vitalie Damascan, but the Limburgers are not enough to stop the attack.

It has to be said that the Belgian actually throws the ball beautifully into the far corner.

RKC Waalwijk-VVV-Venlo 2 hours ago

83 'The VVV dam is now really about to break, but is saved by Van Crooij.

The keeper taps a Stokkers header from under the bar with his fingertips, allowing the visitors to keep an eye on a pount.

RKC Waalwijk-VVV-Venlo 2 hours ago

Ahmed Touba is congratulated by his teammates with his goal.

It's a classic


, but nobody at RKC cares about that.

RKC Waalwijk-VVV-Venlo 2 hours ago

80 'RKC smells that there are also three points in it and continues to run.

Substitute Damascan is completely free and can head from close range after a cross from Bakari, but the ball flies into the side net.

RKC Waalwijk-VVV-Venlo 2 hours ago

76 'GOAL RKC Waalwijk!


RKC finally exploits the surplus situation and comes to the same level, although we cannot really say that VVV's ten will collapse.

A Sunday shot by Ahmed Touba is touched on the way, leaving Delano van Crooij transfixed and having to watch the ball bounce into the goal.

RKC Waalwijk-VVV-Venlo 2 hours ago

72 'RKC is hunting for the equalizer, while VVV's ten can only hold back.

John dribbles in from the left and sees his shot being touched and just wide.

Fortuna Sittard-Willem II 2 hours ago

At 6.45 pm there will be a kick-off at Fortuna Sittard-Willem II.

The Limburgers are still waiting for the first victory of the season and on goal difference only keep bottom of the league FC Emmen.

The season of Willem II is not yet a flourishing success, the Tilburgers only won twice and are fourteenth. \

Line-up Fortuna Sittard

: Van Osch;

Rota, Angha, Janssen, Cox;

Tekie, Flemming, Rienstra;

Semedo, Polter, Hansson.

Arrangement Willem II

: Ruiter;

Owusu, Van der Heijden, Peters, Köhn;

Llonch, Trésor, Saglam;

Nunnely, Pavlidis, Köhlert.

RKC Waalwijk-VVV-Venlo 2 hours ago

64 'RKC naturally increases the pressure with a man more.

Bakari finds Stokkers with a sharp cross, who, however, fails to score his second goal and bounces the ball over.

RKC Waalwijk-VVV-Venlo 3 hours ago

55 '

Red card VVV-Venlo!

Roy Gelmi clumsily knocks over his opponent.

That's never a good idea, especially if you already have yellow in your pocket.

The central defender of the Venlo residents now gets his second print and can come in.

Can VVV defend the lead with ten men?

RKC Waalwijk-VVV-Venlo 3 hours ago

51 'GOAL VVV-Venlo!


With the first really good attack from VVV it immediately hits.

Steffen Schäfer releases an excellent cross from the left, which falls between Kostas Lamprou and his defense.

Vito van Crooij is in the right place and sends the ball with his head with an arc over Lamprou into the goal.

RKC Waalwijk-VVV-Venlo 3 hours ago

46 'The ball rolls again in Waalwijk.

Both teams left the dressing rooms unchanged.

RKC Waalwijk-VVV-Venlo 3 hours ago

This season it is often a goal-rich affair in matches of VVV, which currently has a goal difference of 17-31.

In the 1960/1961 season (eighteen), the Limburgers scored more than sixteen times for the last time in his first eleven matches of the season.

Only in 2007/2008 (32) did VVV get more goals against in its first eleven matches of the season, although the 0-13 defeat against Ajax of course contributed heavily to this.

RKC Waalwijk-VVV-Venlo 3 hours ago


RKC and VVV do not make it too interesting a spectacle, but both score once.

The Waalwijkers take the lead after half an hour by a goal from Finn Stikkers, who is excellently served by Anas Tahiri.

A few minutes later, VVV goldcrest Georgios Giakoumakis shoots in the equalizer from the penalty spot, causing the teams to have a 1-1.

RKC Waalwijk-VVV-Venlo 3 hours ago

That equalizer comes from the foot of Georgios Giakoumakis, who uses a penalty.

It is the first time ever in the Eredivisie that a Greek striker (Giakoumakis) scores against a Greek goalkeeper (Kostas Lamprou).

RKC Waalwijk-VVV-Venlo 3 hours ago

Finn Stokkers puts the opening goal past Delano van Crooij.

RKC cannot enjoy the lead for long, because a few minutes later VVV is again on the same level.

RKC Waalwijk-VVV-Venlo 3 hours ago

Georgios Giakoumakis has now scored five Eredivisie matches in a row on behalf of VVV.

The last player to perform that on behalf of the Venlo team was Herman Teeuwen, sixty (!) Seasons ago.

5 - Georgios Giakoumakis is the second @VVVVenlo player ever to score in five Eredivisie games in a row, after Herman Teeuwen in 1960-1961 (6).



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