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PEC Zwolle-Vitesse 4 minutes ago

Idrissa Touré still doesn't understand his red card when he leaves the field.

It turns out to be a defining moment, because since the German's dismissal, PEC Zwolle has turned a 0-1 deficit into a 2-1 lead.

PEC Zwolle-Vitesse 7 minutes ago

76 'GOAL PEC Zwolle!


Remko Pasveer dives to the right corner, but Mike van Duinen's penalty is shot in clean enough to end up in the goal.

Vitesse threatens to leave the lead in the Eredivisie due to a dramatic second half in Zwolle.

7 minutes ago

PEC Zwolle-Vitesse 9 minutes ago

74 '

Penalty PEC Zwolle!

The problems continue to accumulate for Vitesse.

Bero taps Van Duinen down in the penalty area and so the ball hits the spot.

PEC Zwolle-Vitesse · 10 minutes ago

Idrissa Touré is already the third Vitesse player to be sent off the field with a red card this season.

Earlier, Oussama Tannane (against ADO Den Haag) and Riechedly Bazoer (against FC Emmen) were also able to come in prematurely.

PEC Zwolle-Vitesse 13 minutes ago

PEC Zwolle celebrates Jesper Drost's 1-1 and has realized that there is even more in the barrel against Vitesse's ten.

PEC Zwolle-Vitesse 16 minutes ago

65 'GOAL PEC Zwolle!


It goes completely wrong for Vitesse in one minute.

Immediately after Idrissa Touré was sent off the field, PEC tied the score when Jesper Drost tipped in a passing ball.

The VAR also plays a role here, by checking for a while whether it is offside.

In the end it is decided not to and so the equalizer is put on the scoreboard.

PEC Zwolle-Vitesse 18 minutes ago

64 '

Red card Vitesse!

Idrissa Touré will stand on Kenneth Paal's Achilles tendon in a duel.

Referee Dennis Higler initially only gives yellow, but he is corrected by the VAR and then draws the red card.

18 minutes ago

Ajax-FC Twente 19 minutes ago

Ten Hag: 'Bad performance with bad football'

The face of Ajax coach Erik ten Hag is understandably on a storm after the defeat against FC Twente.

"A bad performance with bad football. Then you will not win against a team that is so good at the switch", said Ten Hag, who speaks of a collective breach of contract and does not spare himself.

"What we are normally good at, we were bad at today. The build-up was not good, the remaining defense was not good, we were inaccurate on the ball, we are not using the spaces. The whole team, and the trainer in front, delivers here. a bad performance. I always take it to myself when we lose. My job is to prepare the players and that has not been successful enough. "

Ajax-FC Twente 24 minutes ago

Klaassen: 'Not our day today'

Davy Klaassen does not have an immediate explanation for Ajax's 1-2 defeat against FC Twente.

"It really was not our day today. How is that possible? I don't know. We were not ball-tight enough and could not play well under their pressing", said the midfielder, who does not think that Ajax already has its head in the game. crucial Champions League match against Atalanta.

"I don't think the Champions League was in our heads yet, we were just really bad today. It must be a lot better on Wednesday than today."

PEC Zwolle-Vitesse 32 minutes ago

49 'Darfalou is very close to his second goal early in the second half.

However, the attacker's clever heel hits the post.

Ajax-FC Twente 34 minutes ago

Matchwinner Menig: 'Nice to return like this'

Queensy Menig is the big man at FC Twente with two goals and is hurting his old team Ajax a lot.

"To return to the Arena with two goals is of course great. They were also nice goals. I also train on it to play like that, to come in and out. Today that yielded two goals", according to a broadly smiling Menig at FOX Sports.

However, the attacker mainly points to the team performance.

"We are in a good position as a team. We as attackers of course, but also the rest. And then we also have a good coach. Where this can end? I dare not say that."

Ajax-FC Twente 40 minutes ago

The month of December remains unfavorable to Ajax.

In their history, the team from Amsterdam already played 199 matches in the last month of the year, and lost no fewer than 39 of them, including today.

40 minutes ago

PEC Zwolle-Vitesse 42 minutes ago

Speaking of Vitesse, it is time for a visit to PEC Zwolle.

The team from Arnhem are in the lead with 0-1 and if that remains the case, they will be the new leader in the Eredivisie.

Ajax-FC Twente 44 minutes ago

Twente surprisingly leads many times past Ajax

Ajax has suffered the second league defeat of the season.

In the Johan Cruijff Arena, a sophisticated FC Twente is too strong with 1-2.

Queensy Menig hurts his old team with two hits, in between Ajax only scores via a penalty kick from Dusan Tadic.

For example, after six (big) victories in a row, Ajax again suffers a defeat in the Eredivisie and it must fear that it will lose its lead to Vitesse.

Ajax-FC Twente one hour ago


Ajax suffers the second defeat of the season in the Eredivisie!

In Amsterdam FC Twente is too strong with 1-2.

Ajax-FC Twente one hour ago

90 + 4 'Van Leeuwen almost makes it worse for Ajax, but the substitute is kept from a goal by a diving dive by Onana.

Ajax-FC Twente one hour ago

It is of course former Ajax player Queensy Menig who hurts his old team a lot.

The born Amsterdammer scores two goals in one match for the first time in his career and seems to lead FC Twente to a surprising but certainly not undeserved victory.

an hour ago

Ajax-FC Twente one hour ago

90 + 1 'While the four-minute injury time has started, Labyad gets a good chance of the equalizer.

However, the playmaker cannot get enough control of a pass from Blind and sees Smal kick the ball away.

Ajax-FC Twente one hour ago

85 'Huntelaar is cold for five seconds in the field or he gets a golden opportunity for a quick equalizer.

Fortunately, the experienced striker gets the ball in front of his foot and lashes out immediately.

However, his flaming shot goes high.

Ajax will still have to pull out all the stops to avoid a defeat.

Ajax-FC Twente one hour ago

84 'GOAL FC Twente!


Ajax must seriously fear even losing this match!

We haven't seen Queensy Many a while, but here he is again.

Sean Klaiber is far too expectant and lets the attacker dribble in, after which he leaves André Onana without a chance with a beautifully curled shot in the far corner.

Ajax-FC Twente one hour ago

82 'There Brobbey makes himself almost immortal for Ajax.

The very young striker comes highest at a corner, but nods just wide.

The final offensive of the Amsterdammers has definitely started.

Ajax-FC Twente one hour ago

79 'Several players from Twente seem to be through it and so it is not surprising that Ron Jans makes his first substitutions.

The weary Ilic, Cerny and Ebuehi will leave and are relieved by Bosch, Van Leeuwen and Hilgers.

The latter makes his debut in the Eredivisie.

Can the visitors persist in the final phase and also keep Ajax 1-1 after PSV?

an hour ago

Ajax-FC Twente one hour ago

75 'Antony cuts in and decides to lash out.

The Brazilian has done better this season, his shot flies over.

Time is running out so slowly for Ajax.

Ajax-FC Twente one hour ago

Tadic's goal is also Ajax's 43rd competition goal this season.

Never before have the team from Amsterdam scored so often in the first eleven Eredivisie matches, as the club record was 42 and came from the 1997/1998 season.

Ajax-FC Twente one hour ago

Dusan Tadic quickly gets the ball out of the net after his used penalty, his eighteenth already for Ajax.

With that he joins an illustrious list, because he is now just as often accurate from the dot on behalf of the Amsterdammers as Marco van Basten, Luis Suárez, Henk Groot and Gerrie Mühren.

Ajax-FC Twente one hour ago

67 'Drommel launches Danilo with a great kick-out, who takes advantage of Timber's doubts and can charge towards Onana.

At the last moment Timber can still get a foot in between, but Ajax has a lot of trouble with the counters of the fast Twente attackers.

Ajax-FC Twente one hour ago

Dusan Tadic shoots Ajax from eleven meters at the same height with FC Twente.

Ajax's Serbian captain has already scored his eighth goal of the season.

Half of those goals came from a penalty kick.

Ajax-FC Twente one hour ago

62 'A wrong pass from Blind gives Twente the chance to counter again.

It is that Onana is paying close attention, otherwise Menig will once again give the visitors the lead.

Ajax-FC Twente one hour ago

59 'GOAL Ajax!


Penalty kicks can generally be left blindly to Dusan Tadic at Ajax and that is now the case.

The Serbian captain, who also took his team by the hand in the first half, slides in coolly from eleven meters.

Ajax-FC Twente one hour ago

58 '

Penalty Ajax!

What a stupid action by Wout Brama, despite all his experience.

The captain of Twente hangs on Zakaria Labyad and does not protest when the whistle rings.

A great opportunity for Ajax to turn this game around.

Ajax-FC Twente one hour ago

57 'Antony immediately asserts himself with a hard shot, which, however, goes straight at Drommel.

The keeper of Twente needs two instances to clamp the ball.

Ajax-FC Twente one hour ago

55 'Ten Hag has looked at it for ten minutes after the break and now intervenes hard.

Perr Schuurs, Quincy Promes and Nicolás Tagliafico are taken to the side, although in the case of the latter due to a minor injury.

They are replaced by Jurriën Timber, Antony Quincy and Lisandro Martínez.

Ajax-FC Twente one hour ago

54 'Tadic is lucky to pass Smal and pin the ball.

Brobbey tries with a bicycle kick, but shoots high.

Ajax-FC Twente one hour ago

52 'Also in the second half, Twente limits itself to unadulterated counter football, and the Tukkers are almost successful with that again.

First, Cerny trumps Tagliafico twice, but his shot is cracked and easily caught by Onana.

A few seconds later, the keeper of Ajax sees a shot from the broken Danilo go in front and can therefore breathe a sigh of relief.

PEC Zwolle-Vitesse 2 hours ago

7 'GOAL Vitesse!


Vitesse appropriated the virtual lead early on.

PEC cannot get away from a cross from Oussama Tannane, after which Oussama Darfalou can take advantage of the confusion and poke the ball in.

Ajax-FC Twente 2 hours ago

46 'Football is played again in Amsterdam.

Ajax still has 45 minutes to avoid losing points against FC Twente.

A setback for Ajax is Lassina Traoré's injury, the striker has been replaced by Brian Brobbey, who is playing his second match in Ajax's main force.

PEC Zwolle-Vitesse 2 hours ago


The eleventh round of play has also started in Zwolle.

Since Ajax is behind FC Twente, Vitesse can dream of the lead, although it will then have to beat PEC itself.

Ajax-FC Twente 2 hours ago

Ajax is going to rest for the first time this Eredivisie season with a backlog.

The last time the team from Amsterdam did not lose in an Eredivisie game in which they were behind at halftime, was in the last meeting with FC Twente on December 1, 2019 (2-1 behind at halftime, 2-5 win).

Ajax-FC Twente 2 hours ago

After the halftime signal, Wout Brama spends some time with former teammate Quincy Promes.

The question is whether the Ajax attacker is really waiting for that.

In any case, his fellow players are not, because the team from Amsterdam are 0-1 behind FC Twente after a difficult first half.

Ajax-FC Twente 2 hours ago


Ajax certainly does not get an easy snack in the run-up to the crucial Champions League game with Atalanta.

FC Twente has come to Amsterdam armed to the teeth and is leading 0-1 halfway thanks to a goal by Queensy Menig.

Ajax-FC Twente 2 hours ago

43 'Tadic cleverly turns away from Pierie in the small space, but runs into the fists of Drommel.

Moments later, the captain gives a hard lead from the right, but no teammate can put his foot against the ball.

With half-time in sight, Ajax is once again pursuing the equalizer.

Fortuna Sittard-Willem II 2 hours ago

Fortuna registers first victory against Willem II

Fortuna Sittard has finally won for the first time in the eleventh round of the Eredivisie.

At home, the Limburgers are 3-2 too strong for Willem II.

Fortuna experiences a great first half, in which it deals with the chances with the utmost precision and takes the lead 3-0 via Lisandro Semedo, Sebastian Polter and Zian Flemming.

In the second half Willem II comes back into the game via Vangelis Pavlidis and Jan-Arie van der Heijden, but partly due to a red card for Pol Llonch, the Tilburg team cannot complete the comeback.

Ajax-FC Twente 2 hours ago

38 'Pleguezuelo makes a gruesome mistake and loses the ball to Promes, but he then passes sloppily to Tadic, so that the Serb cannot lash out.

If the game image stays that way for the rest of the evening, Ajax really has to punish mistakes like this if it wants to prevent loss of points.

Ajax-FC Twente 2 hours ago

37 'Finally something surprising in the game of Ajax, when Blind serves Tadic with a tight play-in pass.

The captain's shot goes long.

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