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  • Russell fastest in VT1

  • Verstappen second

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    Second Free Practice (VT2)

Formula 1 a few seconds ago

Another 34 minutes

- Despite the fact that he is not satisfied with his car, Verstappen is improving.

With 54.841 the Limburger is approaching Russell's time to one tenth.

Formula 1 2 minutes ago

Another 37 minutes

- Verstappen complains about his Red Bull.

"What's going on here? I have an incredible amount of understeer", the Dutchman reports over the on-board radio.

His teammate Alexander Albon is complaining about the same almost simultaneously.

Formula 1 路 4 minutes ago

Another 38 minutes

- Verstappen improves, but does not come to Russell's time and also not to P茅rez's time.

The score: 

  • Russell 54.713

  • P茅rez 54.866

  • Verstappen 54.869

  • Ocon 54.940

  • Albon 55.036

  • 4 minutes ago

    Formula 1 路 5 minutes ago

    Another 40 minutes

    - Ferrari reports that Charles Leclerc has a problem with his gearbox.

    The Monegask has only completed two rounds.

    Formula 1 7 minutes ago

    Another 42 minutes

    - Verstappen is one and a half tenths below the time of Russell in the first sector, but makes a mistake in the second sector and goes off the gas.

    Russell remains fastest for the time being.

    Formula 1 8 minutes ago

    Another 43 minutes

    - Verstappen is back on the road with a fresh set of soft tires.

    Meanwhile, George Russell (54,713) is the fastest of all.

    Formula 1 11 minutes ago

    Near miss!

    馃槵Vettel spins and almost collides with Magnussen - the Haas driver does very well to stay out of his way!

    #SakhirGP 馃嚙馃嚟 # F1


    Avatar Author Formula 1 Moment of publication 19: 11 - 4 December 2020

    Formula 1 16 minutes ago

    Another 51 minutes

    - Sebastian Vettel provides a yellow flag with a nice slider.

    The German loses control of his Ferrari again and shoots into the gravel.

    Kevin Magnussen's Haas can just avoid him.

    16 minutes ago

    Formula 1 17 minutes ago

    Another 52 minutes

    - P茅rez takes the fastest time of Verstappen on the soft tire.

    The Mexican is a tenth faster than the Dutchman, who has not yet ridden on the fastest rubber.

    Formula 1 21 minutes ago

    Hamilton still in bed with mild symptoms of the coronavirus

    Lewis Hamilton is still in bed today, after testing positive for the corona virus on Tuesday.

    According to his team boss Toto Wolff, the world champion in Formula 1 shows only mild symptoms.

    "Lewis is in bed and not feeling great," Wolff said at a press conference ahead of the second training session in Bahrain.

    "He is recovering. The first days with a corona infection are always crucial. His symptoms are relatively mild, he is fine."

    Formula 1 28 minutes ago

    Another 63 minutes

    - The stand:

  • Verstappen (M) - 55.043

  • Ocon (M) - 55.185

  • Bottas (H) - 55,321

  • Perez (M) - 55,346

  • Kvyat (M) - 55,349

  • Formula 1 30 minutes ago

    Another 65 minutes

    - P1 for Max Verstappen!

    With 55.042, the Dutchman is a tenth faster than Ocon.

    Formula 1 31 minutes ago

    Another 66 minutes

    - And there is Max Verstappen for the first time.

    Esteban Ocon (55,185) is still the fastest.

    31 minutes ago

    Formula 1 33 minutes ago

    Another 67 minutes -

    Russell is still taking it easy in his first timed lap.

    The Mercedes driver finds himself back in sixth place.

    Formula 1 路 35 minutes ago

    Another 70 minutes

    - George Russell is the first driver of the top teams to take to the track.

    Hamilton's replacement was fastest in the first session.

    Formula 1 40 minutes ago

    Another 75 minutes

    - Sebastian Vettel provides the first yellow flag in this session.

    The German loses control of his Ferrari and spins.

    He can continue his way without damage.

    Formula 1 43 minutes ago

    Another 78 minutes

    - The Red Bulls and Mercedes are still inside, while the Renault drivers determine the pace outside.

    Esteban Ocon (55.210) is the fastest, ahead of teammate Daniel Ricciardo (55.647).

    Formula 1 one hour ago

    Another 82 minutes

    - Sainz takes the fastest time from Fittipaldi.

    55,699 is now the time to beat.

    an hour ago

    Formula 1 one hour ago

    Another 85 minutes

    - Pietro Fittipaldi is the first driver to set a time on the clocks: 56.949.

    Formula 1 one hour ago

    Another 90 minutes

    - Green!

    The second free practice for the Sakhir Grand Prix is 鈥嬧媜n its way.

    Formula 1 one hour ago

    The second free practice for the Grand Prix of Sakhir will start in Bahrain at 6.30 pm.

    George Russell, Lewis Hamilton's replacement this weekend, set the fastest time in the opening session.

    Formula 1 路 3 hours ago

    All figures of the first free practice in Sakhir in a row.

    FP1 CLASSIFICATION 鈴憋笍 @ GeorgeRussell63 tops an official race weekend session for the first time in his F1 career 馃憖 #SakhirGP 馃嚙馃嚟 # F1


    Avatar Author Formula 1 Moment of publication 16: 12 - 4 December 2020

    Formula 1 路 3 hours ago

    Mercedes substitute Russell immediately clocked fastest time in Bahrain

    Mercedes driver George Russell has no trouble getting used to his new car in Bahrain.

    The replacement of the corona-absent Lewis Hamilton immediately clocked the fastest time in the first free practice for the Grand Prix of Sakhir.

    With 54.546, the Briton is one tenth faster than Max Verstappen.

    Alexander Albon (54.811) completes the top three and Valtteri Bottas (54.868) finishes fourth.

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