Sports Minister Roxana Maracineanu announced on Friday that the sports ticketing loss compensation fund will be divided by sectors.

48 million euros should among other things be allocated to football, and 40 million to rugby.

The compensation fund for sports ticketing losses linked to the Covid and endowed with 107 million euros, will allocate 48 million to football clubs, 40 million to rugby, 4 million to basketball, handball and volleyball and 15 million to the organizers of major events, the Minister of Sports announced on Friday.

"All this is in accordance with the figures (that the clubs) provided us, the capacities of the equipment, hence the differences, because football and rugby are in big stadiums, so a lot of loss of turnover, "said Sports Minister Roxana Maracineanu during a trip to the Lille metropolitan area with local sports players.



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"But we did not want to forget anyone, and that sports with fewer places are also supported and especially women's sport, because we know that, even outside a period of crisis, it is a fragile economic model", he said. -she adds.

"The objective is to make a first payment (...) from the month of December, then to pay the balance in 2021, subject to the loss estimates of professional clubs being confirmed at the end of the financial year", the ministry said in a statement.

Subscribers, a priority 

"The State is not intended to compensate for all the loss of turnover, but a part of the turnover to allow them to keep their heads above water and to be able to" continue their activity "behind. with a gradual return of spectators to the stadiums, "said Roxane Maracineanu.

She reaffirmed her desire that "people can return to the stadiums" from December 15, "but also in closed enclosures". 


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"Today, there is a possible relaxation (..) allowing a return of a certain number of people, to then go towards the month of January towards a gauge (...) depending on the size of the waist equipment "which receives the public.

As a first step, it is "imperative that the subscribers (of the clubs) can have access to their service, which they have already paid (...) It is important to be able to give them this service, otherwise they will withdraw and there is a risk of having an effect "later on the clubs, perhaps even after the distribution of aid," she added.