The Diamond League is being redone, which means, among other things, that the controversial rule that only the last round in length, triple jump, ball, javelin and discus will determine who wins the competition.

If the best result is made in the previous rounds, it is not enough to win.

The rule was tested this year and met with much criticism.

- If Daniel Ståhl sets a world record at Stockholm Stadium in the second round, but becomes third in the competition.


Does the audience want the one who sets the world record not to win the competition?


Why do we make it so complicated? ”, Says Vesteinn Hafsteinsson to Radiosporten.

"It's a lottery"

Swedish long distance star Khaddia Sagnia fell victim to the new rule in the Diamond League's season finale in Doha earlier this year.

She stood for the second longest jump of the long jump competition - but it was only a third place.

- It's a lottery, completely serious.

But at the same time, I must see it as if at championships you should be able to perform in every jump.

So I guess it's just to take it with you, work on it and come back stronger.

There is like nothing more to say about it, she told SVT then.

More galas

Diamond League also announces that the discus is back on the competition program.

After reducing the number of branches before 2020, they return to a full program with 32 different branches next year, Diamond League writes in a press release.

Other disciplines that are now back on the program are 200 meters, 5,000 meters, 3,000 meters obstacles and three steps.

The Diamond League, which this year was also significantly reduced due to the corona pandemic, is aiming for 13 galas leading to a two-day final in Zurich in September.

Each branch winner in the final is rewarded with 30,000 dollars (approximately 250,000 kronor).

CLIP: SVT Sport explains: How the criticized length format works (August 24, 2020)

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Jan Kowalski and Thobias Montler Photo: Bildbyrån