• LaLiga. 175 injured in a league without rest: "They are charging the players"

  • LaLiga. Advisors, physios, services and everything that surrounds a footballer: "If you sign a millionaire contract, there is no such thing as expensive"

"Six years ago,

José Luis Llorente

told me that he had a nephew playing for


. 'Tell him to come over here," I replied.

And there was a thin boy who had just had two wisdom teeth removed.

I put a number of clubs in training ... But he held out, and until today. "

Adolfo Madrid

explains to this newspaper how he began training with

Marcos Llorente

more than five years ago, when the young Spanish midfielder had not yet made his debut with the

Real Madrid

first team


He grew up with him and accompanied him in all the adventures that the footballer has had until he is today: a player for

Atlético de Madrid

and the

Spanish team


And in the midst of all this, an extraordinary physical change thanks to the personal work of the footballer in all his teams, and to the orders that Madrid has been giving him outside the clubs.

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Over the years, the range of Madrid fitness trainer has expanded to many players: "My marketing has been word of mouth," he explains.

Javi Martínez, Ibai Gómez, Luis Milla, Emi Buendía, Eric García

, basketball players and even other sports.

And now it reaches

Marcelo Vieira

, one of the captains of Real Madrid.

The Brazilian defender, highly criticized by the white fans due to his latest performances on the pitch, has decided to put himself at the orders of Madrid to try to achieve a physical change that will allow him to regain his form and ownership in the team led by

Zinedine Zidane


"I have

permanent contact with them

and I try to see as many of their matches as possible," Madrid told El Mundo a few days ago.

"What evolution are they having and what physical behavior they show. And I don't do it alone, we have a work team behind it with physical trainers, game analysts, doctors, mental issues ...".

This step forward from Marcelo, moreover, comes after Real Madrid has been the Santander League team with the highest number of injured players in the first eleven days of competition: 17 'white' footballers have had to go through the infirmary of the club, four more than Osasuna, 'second' with 13.

"Every week I send them what they have to do the following week. From Monday to Wednesday I prepare all the training sessions for the following week depending on the games they have and whether they are going to play or not.

The player, whoever he is, belongs to a club and the most important thing is that it performs

. He seeks the best for his career and sometimes those individual training sessions cannot be attended in the teams because they have little capacity, "Madrid summarized about his working method.

Together with Llorente, Madrid has launched the

AM Elite Programs


, an 'elite' training focused on ordinary citizens.

"I have come to this method of work

after 25 years

. It is an initial method, a functional training that is based on exercises where the 'core' is permanently worked and the interconnection with joints, where you work the whole body and prepare for the movement, "he explains.

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