Screenshot of the official website of Evergrande Football Club.

  Chinanews Client, December 3rd. On the evening of the 2nd, Guangzhou Evergrande Club issued an announcement to inform Zhang Linpeng of the injury. It is reported that he has undergone surgery to repair the right ankle ligament in Doha. The operation was successful and it is expected that it will take six weeks to recover.

  Prior to this, in the first round of the AFC Champions League Guangzhou Evergrande against the Kobe Victory Boat, Zhang Linpeng was trampled on her foot during the confrontation with Vermaelen, and was then carried off the court by a stretcher.

  This time in the AFC Champions League, Zhang Linpeng not only injured the ankle ligament.

In the first round of the game against Suwon Samsung, Zhang Linpeng was kicked in the middle of the goal by the opponent Han Shijong while defending the set kick. After the game, he stitched 5 stitches in the locker room.

  With Zhang Linpeng's injury and Paulinho's absence, Guangzhou Evergrande has performed poorly in the AFC this year.

Currently, Evergrande’s four group matches have all ended.

Whether or not the group can qualify depends on the result of the final round of Suwon Samsung vs. Kobe Victory Boat.