Ultimately, this assessment was confirmed, as only one hit decided between victory and defeat.

The referee put an end to the goalless hustle and bustle on the field with the half-time whistle.

Serhat Koruk Zübeyr broke the spell for Gladbach and took the lead in the 72nd minute.

A little later, Recep Kartal and Daniel Isken came into the match with a double substitution for David Mamutovic and Koruk Zübeyr on the side of the guests (90th).

In the end, one goal made the difference between SV and Homberg.

The VFB can currently be found in the lower half of the table: 15th place. The hosts continue to collect hard-working defeats, the number of which now adds up to ten.

Otherwise there are still five wins and two draws on the balance sheet.


SV Bergisch Gladbach has only scored eight points away from home.

Despite the win, Gladbach fell to 17th place in the table. SV currently has three wins, five draws and eight defeats.

VFB Homberg expects Borussia Dortmund's reserve on Saturday.

For SV Bergisch Gladbach, it will continue on Saturday at Rot Weiss Ahlen.

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