On Wednesday, it became clear that Jesper Karlström will leave the Swedish football club Djurgården for games in the Polish big club Lech Poznań.

Now thanks to another midfield profile.

On its website, Djurgården writes that Fredrik Ulvestad will not extend his expiring contract, and Sunday's series epilogue against Varberg will thus be his last match for Blåränderna.

“I have enjoyed myself very much and received a nice reception since I arrived and all the way until now.

There are very nice people in the association, the supporters are fantastic and me and my family have enjoyed themselves in Stockholm.

So I've had a great time here and now we'll see what's waiting next for me.

It will be a new chapter for me and we will see what it contains ", says Ulvestad.

Came from Burnley

The Norwegian came to Djurgården from English Burnley before the 2018 season, quickly grew into a big star, and managed to win both the Swedish Championship gold and the Swedish Cup.

Ulvestad has not yet finished with any new club.

CLIP: Eriksson makes 3-0 for Djurgården (November 22, 2020)

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Eriksson makes 3-0 for Djurgården Photo: Bildbyrån