After a shaky start, Sweden was able to win 27-23 against the Czech Republic in the European Championship premiere.

But SVT Sports expert Magnus Grahn did not like what he saw initially.

- It was not good from the beginning.

I think Sweden plays really, really bad.

Then the referee level is quite low so Sweden got quite a few expulsions that they could not handle.

They spat at others and were able to win quite comfortably.

You were not impressed by the refereeing effort?

- You can not say that.

I think the best should judge regardless of gender.

It is far too low a level to be a European Championship.

On Saturday, Sweden will face Spain and on Monday, Russia will wait.

- Now two super difficult matches await, but the positive thing to take with you is that Sweden fought a real battle in the second and turned a three-goal deficit into a victory.

And Linn Blohm delivers crazy.

She and Emma Lindqvist played really well but it will be required that more do it against Spain.