As recently as last week, the match between Villa Lidköping and Bollnäs was forced to be interrupted for 40 minutes after the home player Felix Pherson received a wrong cut and crashed badly into the low rim.

Pehrsson was then taken by ambulance to hospital where he was then operated on.

On Wednesday night, it was time again for nasty scenes.

In extra time in the meeting between Bollnäs and Motala, Anders Persson handed out an ugly tackle against Bollnäs' 20-year-old talent Oskar Westh, where Persson stopped in front of Westh and handed out a butt tackle.

Dad Westh furious

Persson received a heavy match penalty while Westh was lying on the ice after falling headlong.

He then had to wait a long time for an ambulance.

Bollnäs' assistant coach Andreas Westh, Oskar's father, was furious after the tackle.

- Oskar makes a nice draw and then it is among the ugliest I have seen on a bandy court.

The most disrespectful thing I've seen in my 35 years.

There is talk of banging here and there for a season, but wow.

It's a huge investment.

I hope it will be a very long suspension, says Westh to SVT Sport.

Taken to hospital

At 22 o'clock on Wednesday evening, Oskar Westh, according to father Andreas, had just gone by ambulance to Gävle hospital.

- They will x-ray the neck, head and back.

I am hoping for the best.

I do not really know anything.

He was unconscious for a long time on the ice but woke up late.

Both teams had to leave the field waiting for an ambulance.

The last minute was then clearly played just over an hour later and Bollnäs won 2-1.

"Not his intention to harm"

Motala's coach Mattias Sjöholm believes that Anders Persson was subdued after the match.

- He thinks it is very sad that there was an injury of course.

It is not his intention to hurt anyone and he is not the type of player who has made himself known for playing ugly.

It's unfortunate that it gets as serious as it gets, that he hits the ice so much.

But I have not seen the situation on TV so I have a hard time expressing myself.

How was the mood in the team after the situation

- Of course it gets a little cut when it happens.

I just hope he heals himself as soon as possible.