At the beginning of the third period, Frölunda desperately tried to break the deadlock.

Instead, Jack Drury stepped in and pushed in 7-0 with an elegant backhand, his third goal of the evening.

The Frölunda players heard the sound from a couple of frame hits by goalkeeper Viktor Fasth who once again had to keep a clean sheet, the other straight for him.

In powerplay, Richard Gynge ruled in 8-0.

It was the seventh straight home victory for Växjö, where the players danced lightly on the ice before they got off it.

A small but loud heel praised his goalkeeper in choruses: "Viktor Fasth, Viktor Fasth".

- I think it's nice that we win but I do not think the numbers reflect the match at all.

We were lucky in the second period where it bounced our way, says Fasth.

In Frölunda, there were cohesive faces after two periods when it was 6-0.

Even in the last period, the Frölunda players fought like animals to break the deadlock without success.

Lundqvist: "Playing with his head under his arm"

- It's sad.

What to say?

Games with your head under your arm, I think.

They get something and then we rush away and open up like crazy too easily.

They get counterattacks and then it slams everywhere.

The intensity is there, but we do not play well without the puck and then there will be a lot of openings at the back, said Frölunda's captain Joel Lundqvist to C More after two periods.

When Ilari Melärt made it 2-0 at the beginning of the second period, the Frölunda players became far too eager and pushed too high, which Växjö used in a lightning effective way.

Between 2-0 and 5-0 it was 4.17 (between 2-0 and 4-0 only 1.17).

- My God, we have to fight for every little goal chance while they had a free kick and a goal every time.

It's sickly frustrating.

The sick thing is that we take a step forward, but 8-0 is not a discussion.

We are too eager and lose patience, says Frölunda's Nicklas Lasu after the fourth loss in the last five matches.