On Wednesday, the Swedish cross-country national team announced that they will give up the World Cup competitions before Christmas, in Davos (12-13 December) and in Dresden (19-20 December).

But for the Swedish biathletes, a new World Cup competition awaits already tomorrow, Thursday, again in Finnish Kontiolahti.

Johanna Skottheim, who took both third and fourth place in last week's competitions, finds it difficult to review the cross - country team's decision to stand over competitions for the rest of the year.

- I have such poor insight into how it works in the long run, what routines Fis has and what preparations and expectations they have.

I just know what we have and what we do here.

And we have had a very good plan in the team how we should act and what we can expect when we come here and how the IBU handles everything.

I really do not know more than that they will not compete.

You have no worries about you and your career?

- I feel safe where I am right now.

We do a lot of tests and they have set up very clear rules for how all teams should behave.

And based on the rules from the IBU, the Swedish team has made even stricter rules for how we as a team should be so that we can keep as good a bubble as possible to minimize the risk of becoming infected.

I feel very safe with the plan we have set up internally.

How do you look at getting your breakthrough on a season like this, with a pandemic and some uncertainty about future competitions?

- That's absolutely.

Last season had a very abrupt end from nowhere, so now you just want to compete and hope we get to compete as much as possible.

Because we do not know what is coming or what the world will look like in the future.

I just try to be here and now and take every weekend as it comes, so you can see what the world situation looks like in the future.