Shanghai SIPG lost the ball.

  China News Service, December 2nd. On the evening of the 2nd Beijing time, the 2020 AFC Champions League group stage will continue.

In the H group match between Shanghai SIPG and Sydney FC, SIPG, which had already qualified early, lost to their opponents 0:4.

After the game, the performance of SIPG players caused controversy among fans.

Fan comments screenshots.

  In the 27th minute of the opening, Wilkinson scored a header and opened the record for Sydney FC.

After 5 minutes, SIPG missed another goal.

Bratan scored an angry shot outside the penalty area.

  In the 56th minute of the second half, Shanghai's defense made a mistake. Barbaluses obliquely blocked on the right and Buhajar responded. Chen Wei chose to strike and clear the siege, but did not touch the ball. He left the big empty goal to his opponent, Buhajar. You easily pushed the shot.

In the 60th minute, Baba Luces and Buhajar connected again, and the latter broke into the penalty area and shot the goal.

  Since SIPG has obtained the right to qualify before this game, the result of the game will not have any substantial impact on SIPG.

However, SIPG, which sent the main lineup to play, finally defeated the opponent by a big score, which not only made him lose the chance to compete for the first place in the group, but also a blow to the players' confidence.