Sébastien Simon and Arkea in difficulty after meeting an Ofni.



A little breath after the crazy day yesterday and the heroic rescue of Kevin Escoffier?

Think about it, it's Sébastien Simon's turn to find himself in difficulty, after a shock of the starboard foil with a UFO.

Arkea's skipper must repair before a storm that will hit the race leader next night

The classification at 8 a.m.

Things are rolling for Charlie Dalin (Apivia), who maintains his comfortable lead over Thomas Roût (Linked Out), who will be limited until the end after losing a foil.

Louis Burton (Bureau Vallée 2) completed the podium, while waiting for the race juries to replace Jean Le Cam in a position more in line with what it was before his diversion to come to the aid of Escoffier.

We explain how it will go here. 

1. Charlie Dalin, Apivia

2. Thomas Rettant, LinkedOut, 223 minutes from the leader

3. Louis Burton, Bureau Vallée 2, 259 minutes from the leader

News from the leader

Charlie Dalin had time to recover the night behind, but this morning he felt he was sailing "on a bump field".

See how it shakes.

Baptism of fire in the Indian Ocean!


A "bumpy field" atmosphere for Charlie, who takes advantage of a little lull before facing a new storm.

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- Apivia Voile - Charlie Dalin (@ApiviaVoile) December 2, 2020

The damage that falls badly: Sébastien Simon's foil in danger

While sailing in 4th position in the Vendée Globe 436 miles behind the leader, Sébastien Simon (Arkea Paprec) involuntarily collided with a UFO.

It was the starboard foil that tripped, and after a quick inventory with his team, he decided to put the boat down to try to stem the entry of water, which is still difficult to assess.

The low wedge (low fulcrum of the foil, junction between the foil and the boat) is notably no longer secured to the boat.

Simon is one of the skippers who got confused to find Kevin Escoffier's raft.

Macron's phone call to the heroes Le Cam and Escoffier

"Hats off!

"," We are very proud!

"," And shit for the rest!

": An admiring Emmanuel Macron congratulated Jean Le Cam (Yes We Cam!) And Kevin Escoffier (PRB) on Tuesday for the night's sea rescue, during a long video call between the president and the skippers at sea. his office, the head of state, filmed by the presidency who posted the video on Twitter, listened to Kevin Escoffier tell how he waited, hours on his raft, to be drafted by Jean Le Cam, another competitor of the Vendée Globe.

“You go from complete doubt and fear (…) to great happiness when Kevin gets on board.

From doubt to the result.

(…) I imagine that for you it must be a little like that too ”, testified Jean Le Cam.

"I remain humble, we do not have these moments when we risk our life and where we directly save the life of another," commented the president, saying he is a great admirer of Le Cam.

“It made all the seafarers proud, everyone was very moved by what happened last night.

You have shown that it is not just a competition.

It's also about values ​​and camaraderie, ”he applauded.

The little tip of the day: a little heat to pass the Cape of Good Hope

What does the weather say for those about to cross the Cape of Good Hope next night?

We're freezing, explains Maxime Sorel (V and B-Mayenne), who gives us his little homemade recipe so as not to freeze to death.

“My diet has changed a bit: it's fatter, richer and more filling.

Even at the card table, we burn calories!

It is all the same rather cold… I have the advantage of having a small heater that I turn on half an hour before nightfall and half an hour during the day: it warms up the atmosphere in the boat!

And that frankly feels good.

And now, I sail with the doors closed, even with a door locked to avoid gusts of cold air… I want to keep a space that is more or less dry when I come home soaked from the outside!



Vendée Globe: But how could Kevin Escoffier's boat fold in two?


Vendée Globe 2020: “I'm sinking.

This is not a joke.

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