When we met during the Algarve Cup in Portugal in March, before this so special and challenging year marked by an escalating pandemic, we had a long conversation about the security that comes with the years.

Victory felt that she landed as a human being, and therefore was also safer on the pitch, as a player.

We continued on that track now, when we meet in Gothenburg before the last international of the year, the end of the European Championship qualifiers in Slovakia.

- With all the experience and routine you have, it also becomes easier to trust your ability, and know that the football that I play and have had with me all these years, that I can trust it fully and believe in it and also preserve it, and put myself in good situations, says Seger to SVT Sport.

When people tell you that you are performing so well despite your, in football at least, relatively old age, what do you think then?

- It gets a lot of hassle.

I understand that the older I get, the more focus becomes on when I should quit and less really on what I am achieving, and it is clear that it is frustrating sometimes.

But that's how it works.

All over 30, you are almost automatically retired as a football player.

You have to see it positively too, and turn it around, and think that it's cool that I can perform at this level when I'm now 35.

What advice had you given yourself today as a 20-year-old, fifteen years ago, when you made your national team debut?

- I would probably have told myself to stop for a bit and enjoy everything you will experience. 

"Of course incredibly cool to be able to reach it"

Caroline Seger has 208 international caps ahead of tonight's kick-off.

Therese Sjögran's international record of 214 is close now.

If it had been a normal year, and the Olympics had been played, the record would probably already have been Segers.

But now she hopes and believes in getting there in 2021.

- It is of course incredibly cool to be able to reach it.

If I only do it with an international match, it should be done, she says and laughs.

But she quickly adds that she does not take anything for granted.

And to the ever-recurring question of how far ahead she sees, with the Olympics next year, and the European Championships 2022, she herself wishes she had an answer. 

- I will feel pretty fast the day when it is not fun anymore, when I feel that I do not have the physical strength, and that day I do not know when it will come. 

But here and now, 35-year-old Caroline Seger is exactly where she wants to be.

- I feel good.

I play good football.

I still love football.

I'm motivated.

I want to develop more, and I want to win more.

See the entire interview with Caroline Seger tonight during the break in Sweden's last match in the European Championship qualifiers, against Slovakia away.

Kick-off 18.00 on SVT2 / Play.