Ten pairs of referees from ten different countries are responsible when the European Handball Championship starts in Denmark on Thursday.

Common to the judges is that everyone is a woman - it will be the first time ever that only female referees judge a major handball championship.

But it is a decision that is not appreciated by everyone.

- The best should judge regardless of gender.

You should not take out on the queue.

This applies to both men's and women's championships.

It does not become equal just because you only take girls or just boys.

If we are to get somewhere in this society, it is not that you are assigned things because of gender but, as in this case, on performance and knowledge, says Jamina Roberts to Sportbladet.

"Completely devastating for women's handball"

Sweden's former national team captain Per Johansson, now coach of the Russian big club Rostov-Don, goes even further in his criticism.

- It is completely devastating for women's handball.

This is not equality, not for five öre, but equality is that those who are best suited judge.

The players want the best.

You do not get that if you only have female judges.

CLIP: Glass chaos before the training match against Hungary (28/11 - 2020)

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Glass chaos before the international match