The PRB team has reported that

Kevin Escoffier

, skipper of the IMOCA60 'PRB' has been rescued safe and sound by Jean Le Cam's 'Yes we Cam' 600 miles (1,100 km) west of the Cape of Good Hope.

Escoffier launched a distress beacon at 14:46 CET on Monday when he detected a leak in the hull of his boat.

At that moment a

rescue operation

was started

coordinated by Jacques Caraës

, director of the regatta.

The hours since Escoffier's last message just before he

left ship to urgently jump into his life raft have been endless


But Escoffier has already been seen aboard 'YesWeCam!'

via live video because Jean Le Cam had connected his video system during all search operations.

The 'PRB' skipper appeared smiling, wrapped in his survival suit, next to Jean Le Cam.

Jacques Caraës, the race director explained that they sent Jean Le Cam "to a position received by the CROSS Gris Nez (Rescue Operations Center) that had sent the rescue beacon from the 'PRB', but upon reaching this Punto found no one and continued heading southeast. "

It sailed at reduced speed (1.5 knots / 3km / h) under a wind of 20-25 knots (38 to 48 km / h).

A few minutes after 02:06, Jean Le Cam reappeared and Escoffier was seen arriving in a survival suit.

They were both good.

Loss of contact

Since Kevin Escoffier warned his team on the ground that there was a leak in the 'PRB' and activated the distress beacon, Jean Le Cam, who was 20 miles (38 km) behind him, was ordered to stand He arrived at 5:00 p.m. and made eye contact with the life raft and Escoffier in it, but when maneuvering to get as close to the raft as possible, Jean le Cam lost eye contact with him in the middle from darkness and with a swell of 4-5 meters.

Escoffier's AIS signal lost range due to heavy seas.

To reinforce the rescue,

the race director diverted three skippers competing in the same area

: Boris Herrmann (SeaExplorer - Yacht de Monaco), Yannick Bestaven (Maître CoQ IV) and Sébastien Simon (ARKEA PAPREC).

Curiously, on January 6, 2009, during that Vendée Globe, Vincent Riou, then patron of the 'PRB', saved Jean Le Cam in Cape Horn.

The entire PRB team has sincerely thanked Jean Le Cam and the other three skippers, Boris Herrmann, Yannick Bestaven and Sébastien Simon, who changed their course to help with the search efforts, for their collaboration.

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