Maradona's nurse practitioner sparks a surprise: He was hit and not treated

The lawyer for one of the nurses who stayed with Maradona revealed surprising details for the last 10 days before his death.

Lawyer Rodolfo Baki confirmed that Maradona suffered a fall and hit his head on the side opposite to which he underwent surgery, and was not treated.

In an interview with "TN" TV, Bucky explained: "Maradona fell on Wednesday before his death. He was hit, fell and then was hit, and he was not taken to the hospital for a CT or MRI scan."

He added, "When he fell, they just lifted him and stopped him. The blow was not strong but there was a fall. His head hit the right side opposite to the one on which he had undergone surgery. He was carried off the ground and continued his life normally."

Paki, apparently quoting the nurse, indicated that when Maradona was discharged from the "Olivus" center, in which he underwent surgery, he was supposed to be accompanied by nurses and specialists, but the player did not want them to be present, and he refused their presence with him, which was approved by his doctor after that, according to the report. Spanish newspaper "AS".

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