Image source; Haas team official social media.

  Chinanews Client, December 1st. On the 30th local time, the F1 Haas team issued an official statement stating that Grosjean, the driver who was injured in the F1 Bahrain Grand Prix, will continue to undergo recovery treatment and his hands are currently in good condition. .

Team leader Steiner expects Grosjean to be discharged on Tuesday.

In addition, Pietro Fittipaldi will replace Romain Grosjean in the F1 Sakhir Grand Prix this weekend.

At the scene of the accident, Gross made an escape.

  On the 29th local time, in the F1 Bahrain race, the Haas driver Grosjean's car suddenly lost control after cornering, hit the fence and burst into flames.

After the incident, Grosjean quickly jumped out of the car, and the on-site medical staff arrived in time. The driver's hand and ankle were slightly burned, and no more accidents occurred.

  Grosjean, who was treated in the hospital, is in good condition.

Earlier he updated his personal social media and thanked everyone for their blessings: "Hello everyone, I want to tell you that I am fine, except for hands... Thank you for your blessings. I didn’t support the Halo system before, but Thank you for its introduction to the F1 car. Without it, I might not be able to speak to you here now. Thank you to the medical team, the staff at the track and the hospital. I hope I can write back to you soon."

Grosjean was treated in the hospital.

  It is understood that the Halo system is a system that provides full head protection for drivers when driving at high speeds.

Haas team leader Steiner expects Grosjean to be discharged from the hospital on Tuesday.