The last time the team met, there was a goal celebration at Gamla Ullevi, when Sweden defeated Slovakia 7-0 in October 2019.

- Sweden is a better team but also individually more skilled and I want them to take with them the great performances from the last matches.

Accuracy is a key word when it comes to the defensive work of sealing surfaces, says Östberg.

Important with creative Asllani

In the big win last autumn, Real Madrid star Kosovar Asllani was the winning director and was behind most things.

- Centrally, it will be important to find out about Asllani and her creativity and use the speed on the edges of the changes.

This will create goal chances or fixed situations where we know that Sweden is effective, says Frida östberg.

What can be improved if we look at the last meeting?

- Sweden may not invite Slovakia, as recently.

When the teams met at Gamla Ullevi, it certainly became a goal celebration.

However, I thought that when Sweden neglected their own passing game, they invited Slovakia to the match.

Only after its lead goal could Sweden control the match as expected.

Is there any player you will have an extra eye on?

- I am extra curious to see Fridolina Rolfö in the national team jersey again, after a tough autumn due to the injury she suffered in the Champions League final, Frida Östberg concludes.

You can watch the match in the player above or in SVT2 / Play 18.00-20.00.

Commentators: Chris Härenstam and Markus Johannesson