The "Dorint" hotel in Mönchengladbach is located in the center, directly at the Kaisergarten.

On Monday, the train from Inter Milan set up their quarters there.

The night's sleep, for which the Italians had chosen the four-star hotel before the Champions League game on Tuesday evening (9 p.m.), was not a quiet one.

With firecrackers, the football pros from Inter were disturbed in their night's sleep by strangers.

At around 4 a.m., pyrotechnic material such as fireworks batteries was burned on the driveway to the hotel.

The Dorint Hotel in Mönchengladbach

Source: pa / dpa / Martin Gerten

According to witnesses, several dark-clad people who then drove away in cars were observed at the scene, the police said.

7: 1 canceled


Apparently they were Gladbach supporters.

This was made clear by a banner hung in the access area to the hotel with the inscription "Ricordati Inter, things go better with Coke" (in German: "Remember Inter, things go better with Coke") - and the fact that in this area there were a few cans of Coke.

The Inter player Roberto Boninsegna was allegedly hit so badly by one of these 49 years ago in the game against Borussia Mönchengladbach that he could not continue playing and the game that Gladbach won 7-1 was later canceled.

The sting is still deep, as can be read in our interview with Boninsegna:

The police can also imagine a connection.

"That is obvious, but nothing has been proven," said a police spokeswoman.

The Borussia apologized to the opponent.