Direct report · Bragdguldet 2020


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So all these five have done feats in different ways and degrees.

But Duplanti's world record slaughter is at a level that no other athlete in any sport can compete with, so the choice is probably quite simple.


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FRIDA with the victory in Holmenkollen against Johaug or LINN with her season, to win her second World Cup competition ever and win the sprint cup, even though she was not selected at the beginning of the season!


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Mondo of course!


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Mondo, no doubt


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Duplantis, of course!


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Frida karlsson of course she should get the gold medal because she is the best I think because she is the ski monster and the world's fastest bride on the skis

Johan kaspersson

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Mondo or Ibra, both have done things that should not be possible


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Victor Hedman, Tampa Bay Lightning

Viktor in Märsta

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Too bad Mike Tyson is not Swedish.

He is my given choice after the comeback this weekend - as a 54-year-old.

Once a champ always a champ, as we say in Karlstad, f'låt Charlestown.

The MMA heater

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Back to the eternal question, that is:

Is the Bragdguldet awarded for a sensational effort (world-class) or "for long and faithful service" in world-class?

When Johnny Höglin beat the soaring favorite Fred Anton Maier and took Olympic gold, it was a great achievement.

No, rename the award or scrap it completely!

Per Theander

Here are five of the favorites to receive the magazine's prestigious award.

Armand Duplantis, athletics

With his double world records in February, "Mondo" has taken pole vaulting to a whole new level and he is athletics' new fix star, after the sprinter Usain Bolt.

The 21-year-old first flew over 6.17 in Poland and then - a week later - 6.18 in Scotland.

Duplantis also hit the highest jump outdoors (in pole vault, a world record is a world record regardless of whether it is set outside or inside) ever with his 6.15 jump in Rome in September.

Frida Karlsson, cross-country skiing

After a difficult start to the season where Frida Karlsson was banned from competing due to health reasons, the ski star came back perhaps even stronger.

In Holmenkollen's three miles, the 21-year-old stood for a magnificent race when she drove the previously impossible Therese Johaug.

Tactically and very strong, Karlsson tricked behind Johaug to the last hill where she passed and kept away from the Norwegian all the way to the finish.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, football

He has of course been in the discussions many times, but the fact is that Sweden's biggest football star has never been awarded the Bragdguldet.

This year, the 39-year-old has once again silenced any doubters who thought he was too old for a return to Europe's top football.

The veteran striker scores goals and has transformed his Milan from a wounded club to a top team in Serie A.

Linn Svahn, cross-country skiing

That Sweden has the world's best sprint team on the women's side is nothing new.

But that Linn Svahn, from nowhere, would dominate in the way she did last season was a surprise.

The outspoken 20-year-old took home the sprint cup after three individual victories and two in the sprint relay.

Henrik Harlaut, freeskiing

Henrik Harlaut made history when he took home his seventh gold medal in the big air final in Aspen.

The 29-year-old Swede is thus the freeskier with the most medals ever in the X-games.