The return of Evgenia Medvedeva to figure skating is again postponed indefinitely.

President of the Russian Figure Skating Federation (FFKKR) Alexander Gorshkov confirmed that the two-time world champion will not perform at the final, fifth stage of the National Cup, as she continues to recover from a back injury.

The athlete herself has not yet commented on the decision to withdraw from the next competitions, only published a post on social networks with an optimistic signature.

“We are returning to normal life after a long pause.

We forget November and move on.

Without loud promises and words.

All health and goodness.

Well, I think I should eat! "

- wrote Medvedeva.

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Despite the fact that the skater has already begun to train and work on jumps, she is still far from optimal condition.

At the end of November, she reported that she still had problems with her spine, and also suffered a severe cold.

Medvedeva does not participate in official starts throughout the year, and the last time she went out on the ice at the preseason test skates, but even then it was obvious that health problems did not allow her to perform in full force.

However, missing the Russian Cup can lead to serious consequences, such as missing the national championship, which results in the formation of the national team for the upcoming international competitions - the European and World Championships.

In August, the FFKKR approved new selection rules for the main domestic tournament of the season.

In accordance with them, skaters must take part in at least two stages of the Russian Cup and earn as many points as possible.

Even then, it was emphasized that compliance with these criteria would be strictly monitored, so no one should count on concessions.

Nevertheless, after a wave of injuries and illnesses, the leadership of the federation went to meet the athletes.

Skaters could get admission to the Russian Championship by taking part in the Moscow stage of the Grand Prix, held at the end of November.

This option was used by the winners of the dancing couples tournament Victoria Sinitsina and Nikita Katsalapov, who also suffer from serious health problems during the first half of the season.

And although Medvedeva also missed the Grand Prix, the organization again expressed their readiness to make an exception for her, but did not argue that she would necessarily be admitted.

“As for the selection for the Russian championship, the federation and the executive committee will try to do everything to support our athletes,” RBC Sport quotes Gorshkov as saying.

Experts refrained from predicting whether Medvedev will be able to recover before the start of the Russian championship, which will be held in Chelyabinsk at the end of December, while at the same time expressing the hope that she will be allowed to participate in it.

So, according to the 1999 world champion Maria Butyrskaya, the skater's previous merits should prompt the federation to meet her halfway.

“It's hard to say something.

Firstly, the situation is very unstable both in the country and in the world, and it is not yet known which tournaments will take place and which will not.

Secondly, we do not know if she will be admitted to the Russian championship.

But if Medvedev herself is in good shape and feels that she is ready to tear and throw, I am sure that they will meet her halfway.

Of course, there are certain selection criteria, but there are always exceptions.

And for the sake of Eugene it could have been done, after all, she is a deserved figure skater.

But the FFKKR will still decide, "Butyrskaya emphasized in an interview with RT.

At the same time, she suggested that the refusal to participate in the Russian Cup may be associated not so much with an injury as with a desire to better prepare for future strata.

“If Medvedeva does not take part in the Russian championship, then the season for her may be lost.

But we do not know why she decided to abandon the Country Cup.

Perhaps he and the coaches decided to modify something, improve, take a break to get ready and eventually shoot.

In this matter, you should trust Eteri Georgievna, she knows what to do.

Therefore, we should wait until the end of December, ”concluded Butyrskaya.

According to the 1988 Olympic champion Natalia Bestemyanova, such a long absence of competitive practice does not mean that Medvedeva will not be able to return to her previous level.

“I hope Evgenia will be allowed to compete in the Russian Championship if she is healthy.

In this case, you shouldn't worry.

And if she misses him, then the season is over for her.

We hope that the World Cup will still take place, but she will no longer be able to get into the national team.

How critical is this?

Everything always depends on the will and desire of the athlete.

If there is no will, then, of course, it is critical.

And if she wants to work, recover and go out on the ice again, then it's okay, ”Bestemyanova is sure.