Messi salutes Maradona.

  Chinanews Client, November 30. Last week, after the death of football superstar Maradona, world football mourned the legendary departure in various ways.

On the evening of the 29th, Beijing time, in the 11th round of La Liga, Barcelona beat Osasuna 4:0.

After Messi scored, he paid tribute to the Argentine predecessor in a unique way.

  In the 71st minute of the game, Trinco passed the ball and Messi crossed to the edge of the penalty area and shot into the net.

Later, he took off his jersey, revealing the old Newell boy's No. 10 jersey, and pointed his hands to the sky to pay tribute to Maradona.

The old boy of the Argentine club Newell is the team that Maradona used to play for, and Messi also played for the team in his childhood.

  After the game, Messi updated his personal social media and posted a photo of Maradona once wearing Newell's old boy's jersey with the text: Farewell, Diego.

Screenshot of Messi's social media.

  Messi has always been regarded as Maradona's successor.

Messi’s father once said that his son grew up watching Maradona’s video.

During the coaching of the Argentine national team in the old horse, he took care of Messi.

  After Maradona’s death, Messi wrote emotionally on social media: “For all Argentines and football players, this is a very sad day. He left us, but did not leave, because Diego was Eternal." (End)