In the video, a driver escapes from burning in the Bahrain Formula 1 race.

The driver of the French "Haas" team, Roman Grogan, had a terrifying accident in the Bahrain Grand Prix race, which was held yesterday, and is the 15th round of the Formula 1 World Championship for the 2020 season, after he left the race track, colliding strongly with the side barriers and caught fire with his car According to the official Formula 1 website.

And Grojan's departure from the third turn on the opening lap of the Sakhir International Circuit, and in his attempt to advance in the ranking, led to his car being in contact with the car of the Russian "Alfa Tore" driver Daniel Kviat, which led to Grojan losing control of his "Hass" car. "And heading strongly off the track and violently colliding with the side barriers, which led to the car being completely ignited to become a mass of flames, but the high experience of the medical teams of the championship and the organizers of the Bahrain Circuit race led them to deal with the accident with the required speed and efficiency and to save the French driver at the right moment."

A terrible accident in Formula 1 races in Bahrain, which led to the splitting of the car and the injury of the French competitor, Roman Grojan, with minor burns on his hands and feet ...

- Riyadh Roads (@Ruh_Rd) November 29, 2020

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