The World Cup premiere in biathlon in Kontiolahti was a great success for Sweden.

In total, the Swedes took four podium places in three races after brilliant shooting and fast skis in the track.

The riding times on both the women's and men's side have been at their peak throughout the weekend.

But that the faster times are due to Stina Nilsson being included in the training in Östersund, Hanna Öberg does not think is really the case.

- Not to talk Stina down in any way, she definitely has things to contribute.

I actually think that it means more to her to be part of the world's best women's team than what she means to us, Öberg tells Dagens Nyheter.

"Absolutely have the conditions"

Stina Nilsson, who before the season changed cross-country skis to biathlon, has many Swedish skiers in front of her who showed their front feet directly at the start of the season.

Hanna Öberg does not dare to predict when Nilsson can take a place in the national team squad.

- It's hard for me to say.

Stina puts in a huge job, that's how it is and she absolutely has the conditions, says Öberg.