At the Formula One (F1) Grand Prix, one of the world's best motorsports competitions, the worst crash of two machines and engulfed in flames happened, but fortunately the driver saved his life.

At the Bahrain Grand Prix in the 15th round of the 2020 F1 World Championships held at the International Circuit in Shakir, Bahrain, a machine driven by Romain Grosgen (34 years old, France) collided with a firewall and struck with great flames.

The moment Grojang went out of the corner and entered a straight section and then speeded up to overtake the machine, the right rear wheel hit the left front wheel of the machine of Kbyat (Russia) he was going to carry and lost its center.

Grojang's machine, which ran at a speed of 220 km/h, was struck by the barrier and struck two with a large flame.

The impact received when the Grojang collided was 53 times (53G) of the acceleration due to gravity, and the Grojang weighing 71 kg received a whopping 3.8 tons of shock at the moment of the collision.

While the rescue team ran and evolved into a fire extinguisher, Grojang, who couldn't wake up for a while due to the shock of an accident, escaped after being engulfed in flames for 30 seconds.

Grojang, who was taken to the hospital, was said to have no major injuries, except for burns on the back of both hands.

A red flag (red flag) was placed on the circuit due to Grojang's accident, and the race was once stopped.

According to the BBC, it was 29 years after the 1991 Monaco Grand Prix that the machine crashed during the race, and it was the first time the machine had a fire since the 1989 San Marino Grand Prix.

The miracle that Grojang survived is due to the'halo head-protection device' applied to the F1 machine from 2018.

In October 2014, at the Japanese Grand Prix, Jules Bianki (France) slipped in the rain and left the circuit, hitting a tractor attempting to move the machine in which the accident occurred, and Bianchi suffered a serious head injury and lost consciousness. Had to climb on.

Later, in F1, a discussion about driver protection took place, but the opposition that the driver's seat was exposed to the outside was the spirit of F1.

Eventually, from 2018, the F1 machine was equipped with a roll cage-type'Halo' that protects the driver's seat, and it is an analysis that Halo played a big role in this Grojang's accident.

Grosjang posted a video on Twitter in his hospital room and smiled, "Thanks to everyone who sent the message. It's the greatest thing to introduce Halo to the F1. Without Halo, I wouldn't have been able to talk to you like this." It.

Meanwhile, in this tournament, Lewis Hamilton (35 years old, UK), who has already confirmed this season's championship, recorded his 11th championship in the season and 95th in his personal career.   

(Photo = AFP, Haas F1 Team Twitter capture, Yonhap News)