Max Verstappen was not too happy on Sunday after his second place in the Grand Prix of Bahrain.

The strategy of Red Bull Racing had not worked well and the performance of Alexander Albon was also not good, despite his third place, according to the Limburger.

"I thought we were not sharp with the strategy today", Verstappen told

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"I don't know if we would have beaten Hamilton otherwise, but we should have done better."

Verstappen was first of all disappointed that his team only made the first pit stop after Hamilton's.

"We lost about two seconds with that. Fortunately the hard tires did surprisingly well and I was able to get a little closer."

Although Verstappen was driving on harder tires than Hamilton at the time, his team still brought him in for a second tire change.

That pit stop did not go smoothly, the Limburger stood still for more than five seconds.

"I was not able to see what went wrong, but it was a bit disappointing", said Verstappen, who was brought back in again ten laps later to his surprise.

"A three-stop strategy was not going to work anyway, especially since we had driven behind the safety car at the start of the race", the driver was disappointed.

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'Albon did not do that well'

With the second place for Verstappen and a third place for Alexander Albon, it was a successful weekend for Red Bull.

The team took its first double podium since 2017.

It is still uncertain whether Albon, who has been under fire for months, will still be driving at Red Bull next year.

The Thai proved himself a good service with the podium place in Bahrain, but Verstappen saw it differently.

"He was behind me forty seconds when the safety car went onto the track at the end. It wasn't that good at all," said the Limburger.

"Can't I just say that?"

Albon took third place from Sergio Pérez, who had engine trouble in the final phase.

The teammate of Verstappen took the podium for the second time in his career on Sunday and has two more races to convince the Red Bull team management.

Next weekend there will be another race in Bahrain, a week later the final race is in Abu Dhabi.

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