Charlie Dalin, on Apivia, leads the Vendée Globe fleet in the South Atlantic.



There is no warm, cuddly Sunday under the quilts that hold for the sea goons, who continue their race around the world alone and without assistance.

We take stock of what to know this Sunday.

The classification at 9 a.m.

For his very first participation, Charlie Dalin (Apivia) continues to lead in the seas with quite a lead over his pursuers, especially over Thomas Rettant, second but still far behind at 285 nautical miles.

Le Havrais should cross the Cape of Good Hope on Monday but it will not beat the record of 17 days and 22 hours set by Alex Thomson in 2016

1. Charlie Dalin

2. Thomas Rouillard at 285 nautical miles

3. Jean Le Cam at 358 nautical miles

After more than 20 seas, the situation is settling down as the Cape of Good Hope should be crossed on Monday by the leader.

The South Atlantic has not been very cooperative over the past ten days…


- Vendée Globe (@VendeeGlobe) November 29, 2020

Alex Thomson throws in the towel

One of the favorites of the Vendée Globe 2020 had to resign himself to retirement on Saturday and he is currently on his way to Cape Town.

In question, a damage on his starboard rudder, all this less than a week after having already known structural problems on his boat Hugo Boss of last generation.

This is the third time in five appearances that the Welshman has found himself in this situation, after two first withdrawals in 2004 and 2008.

Le Cam-Escoffier, the fight is in full swing

With his old bike without foils, Jean Le Cam continues to work miracles on this Vendée Globe 2020. After giving up third place to Kévin Escoffier during the night from Saturday to Sunday, the Breton is back on the podium, taking advantage of the Tricky trajectory towards the South of the Saint-Malo skipper.

The two sailors will continue to pull the plug on Sunday.

At the last check-in at 9 a.m., less than a nautical mile separated the two boats.

Beyou will cross the equator

Last after his struggles at the start of the race which forced him to turn around and return to Les Sables d'Olonne to repair his Charal boat, Jérémie Beyou is about to cross the equator.

On Sunday afternoon, all the skippers will therefore have left the northern hemisphere.


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