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In our podcast “Minute Papillon!

", We find today a new episode of our audio series" Once upon a time in the history of sport ".

After the death of Diego Maradona, Wednesday, November 25,

20 Minutes looks

back on the first international meeting of the young prodigy, at only 16 years old.

Back in 1977, in Buenos Aires, in the Bombonera stadium, where Argentina won 5-1 and celebrated the entry into play of the one who then wears the number 16 of the substitute.

Episode 6: The first international selection of Maradona, a star is born

“My legs were shaking, my hands were shaking.

I entered the field and freed myself.

Another of my dreams was coming true ”.

So speaks Maradona to evoke his first match under the colors "albiceleste".

Already, the passing of the legs and the dribbling of the "small" impress his partners.

"We were speechless," said Leopoldo Luque, a former Argentine striker.

Nevertheless, Diego Maradona waited two years, in 1979, before scoring his first international goal.

A goal that strangely resembles that of Michel Platini, at the 1984 Euro, against Portugal ...

Our guest, Alexandre Juillard, journalist, is a specialist in Latin America and the relationship between sport and society.

This former correspondent in Argentina for several media, including 



L'Equipe Magazine


France Football

, is the author of the only biography in French on Maradona.

For this episode, Alexandre Julliard tells us about the beginnings of the one who will become DI0S, a legend, an icon.

If you want to know more about this first time as a tribute to the Argentine football genius, it's as easy as a click in the audio player above.


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