Alex Thomson is the victim of a problem with his boat in the Vendée Globe, his team announced on November 21, 2020. -


The Briton Alex Thomson, one of the favorites of the Vendée Globe, retired on Saturday after a damage to his starboard rudder (part of the rudder), less than a week after having had structural problems on his latest generation boat.

Still no foreign winner in sight

"The decision is made: unable to repair his starboard rudder", Alex Thomson (Hugo Boss) "abandons the Vendée Globe" and "will head to Cape Town", announced the Vendée Globe.

The Welshman gives up for the third time in five appearances.

He had already retired in 2004 and then in 2008 before finishing third in 2012/2013 and second in the last edition (2016/2017).

Alex Thomson gives up!

The decision is made: unable to repair his starboard rudder, @ ATRacing99 abandons the Vendée Globe.

The British skipper is heading for Cape Town to shelter his HUGO BOSS.

More info to come.

- Vendée Globe (@VendeeGlobe) November 28, 2020

The 46-year-old skipper was one of the big favorites of the Vendée Globe, a non-stop solo round-the-world race that has always been won by a Frenchman since its creation in 1989. He had crossed the equator. in the lead ten days after departure.

For his fifth participation, Thomson was at the helm of a brand new black and pink boat, of the latest generation, which can almost fly thanks to the foils (large lateral appendages).

With great sadness, we announce that we are no longer racing in the Vendée Globe.

A statement from Alex and the team: @VendeeGlobeENG @VendeeGlobe

- Alex Thomson Racing (@ ATRacing99) November 28, 2020

His boat, which is part of a fleet of eight new sailboats, is fitted with electronics and is the only one to have a completely enclosed cockpit.

Since November 22, Thomson had been carrying out repairs to alleviate structural problems.

Friday evening, he was trying to get back into the race when he noticed the damage to the rudder.


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