Together they are 105 years old - and two of the best boxers in the history of their sport.

The two former world champions Mike Tyson (54) and Roy Jones junior (51) will fight each other for the first time in their lives on Saturday (3 a.m. on Sunday, German time / Sky Select, from 15 euros) in Los Angeles.

And especially Tyson is not holding back 15 years after his last appearance in the ring before his comeback.

"I like to lose here and there in life, but not in the ring on November 28th," he last said on his Instagram channel.

He will knock out his opponent, who is three years his junior.


You quit your career in 2005 because you hated being in the ring.

How is the current Mike Tyson different from the one 15 years ago?


The biggest difference is my clarity of mind and my patience.

I enjoy the little things and the peace when I am with my wife and family.


And how did your behavior change?

Back then, they took cocaine and partied unrestrainedly.