client, November 28. FIFA recently announced the latest national team world rankings. The Chinese men's football team remains the same as the previous one, ranking 75th and 9th in Asia.

The Syrian team, the same group of opponents in the top 40 of the National Football World Cup, ranked 76th and 10th in Asia after the Chinese team.

  Asian teams have had fewer national team games recently, so the ranking has not changed much.

Japan, Iran, South Korea, Australia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, China, and Syria are ranked one to ten in Asia. The Japanese team ranks 27th in the world.

  Due to the recent UEFA Europa League, European preliminaries play-offs, World Preliminaries South America and other events, the ranking of European and American teams has changed relatively greatly.

  The top 6 in the world rankings are the same as in the previous issue. Belgium still tops the list, followed by France, Brazil, England, Portugal and Spain.

Argentina has risen to seventh place, and Uruguay, Mexico and Italy are also in the top 10.

  Although the German team defeated Spain 0:6 in the recent UEFA Europa League match, their ranking still rose slightly and is currently ranked 13th.