The dialogue, from just two weeks ago in a clinic on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, says it all.- What would you do if you were


? Silence in the room.- I wouldn't want to be Maradona for a minute. Maradona smiles. - Dresses?

That happens to me every day.

I'm tired, I'd like to take a vacation from Maradona. The back and forth between Maradona and part of his inner circle occurred after the operation of the subdural hematoma in the left hemisphere to which the former soccer player

This was submitted in mid-November.

Revealed by Infobae, the dialogue explains what was happening and also why what happened this Wednesday happened, when Maradona died at age 60.The man who many consider the best footballer of all time was depressed and poorly cared for, in part also because he did not allow himself to be cared for.

Too lonely, despite the succession of couples he had and the soccer team that he could put together between recognized and unrecognized children. After a week that crushed the soul of the vast majority of Argentines, reality returned in the form of a slap.

Maradona, from the beyond, showed all the structural weaknesses of a country that always combined great aspirations with a disconcerting reality.

Example 1: the government of the Nation was unable to protect its own headquarters on Thursday, the Casa Rosada, which became a liberated zone for the barra bravas, as if it were another stadium of the degraded local football.

Example 2: the president

Alberto Fernandez

He left his office with a loudspeaker to ask for calm from the madmen who were toppling the bust of a former president and bathing in the fountain in the inner courtyard of the government headquarters.

He was unsuccessful and received a couple of insults.

Example 3: not even Maradona had peace.

Faced with the lack of control in the presidential palace, including tear gas, the coffin with the body of the world champion had to be rushed to a more secure room than the one originally intended for the wake.

And along with the drawer, relatives and close friends of the deceased must have gone.

No doctors around

On the day after the chaos, Fernández, in addition to criticizing the opposition, made a curious admission: "We should have anticipated the presence of barrabravas. We rely a lot on social conscience."

The explanation did not convince two leaders of an opposition party, who filed a criminal complaint against the head of state.

The argument is simple: amid the coronavirus pandemic, mass-attended meetings are prohibited, and for months funerals were limited to two attendees.

Why then did the government organize a mass funeral for Maradona in the center of Buenos Aires and at the very seat of government? While politics solves his problems (or not), the feeling that Maradona was not necessarily doomed to die this week grows in Argentina. Newscasts are overflowing with recordings, filming and leaks about what Maradona's last hours were like.

The former Barcelona player had been living since November 11 in a house in Tigre, an area of ​​rivers and islands north of Buenos Aires, just days after having undergone head surgery.

There was no doctor or ambulance in his home, and no proper medical facility.

Maradona, who twenty years earlier had been with one foot in the afterlife and whose heart worked at a third of its capacity and weighed twice as much as normal, was a patient at risk.

Away from his ex-wife, his ex-partners and his older daughters, he spent his last days controlled by


, a nephew,


, the cook, a psychologist and a psychiatrist and the occasional visits from her lawyer,

Matías Morla

, and your doctor,

Leopoldo Luque


The story of the nurses

Maradona left the sandwiches Monona had prepared for dinner untouched on Tuesday night.

At 6.30 in the morning on Wednesday, the nurse from the night shift left,


, who assured justice that the former player was breathing at that time.


The morning nurse said that she heard the former soccer player moving around in his room at 7.30 and that she let him sleep, although later she would admit that someone had "forced" her to say in the report that she attended to Maradona that morning, which he did not do.

At 1:10 p.m., the doctor of an ambulance, after trying to revive him, certified the death of Diego Armando Maradona. While his lawyer Morla speaks of "criminal idiocy" and

Alfredo Cahe

, his former doctor, of "inadequate treatment", justice works and the Maradona myth, very powerful already in life, grows in the country.

The newscasts and the webs exploit all the veins of the subject, and the black and white images of that great "onion" occupy the screens.


, his ex-wife, is the axis of what is coming now, the battle for an inheritance that will be disputed by five recognized children and up to six unacknowledged ones.



, Maradona's eldest daughter, published a letter to her father on Instagram that immediately became one of the most read stories in the local media: "Life is a little while, so see you soon! I'll bring you margaritas to decorate your gamer socks and please look at me again with that love you see in the photo! I love you forever! "

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