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17-year-old prospect from Fiji, a rugby powerhouse, is catching attention by appearing on the Korean high school stage.

Reporter Lee Jeong-chan met Moshi who dreams of becoming a Taegeuk mark.


The forward of Seoul National University High School, boasting a massive body of 187cm tall and 100kg in weight, is a rugby promising player with a strong tackle and aggressive breakthrough.

It is a position where you come to the forefront and sacrifice for the team, but you run without hesitation at the opportunity to score.

Now 17-year-old Moshi gained attention by leading the team's runner-up in last week's chairmanship.

[Lee Min-jae/Chief: Today's try was cool.]

[Mosi/Seoul Academy of Education Forward: Oh, yes.

Thank you.]

[Mosi/Seoul Division High School Forward: I feel good.

When I tried, I was really excited.]


who was from the'Rugby Powerhouse' Fiji's under 16 national team, raised her dream while watching Fiji win the first gold medal in history at the Rio Olympics

. I saw it after waiting all day without sleeping.

The whole country was crazy (for the first gold medal in history).] After

receiving the full support of the Seoul Rugby Association, which

started to

find prospects abroad, I entered the military department high school this year.

[Yang Jeong-pil/Seoul National University High School Coach: Because the physical is good and the part that connects with the breakthrough is so good, it will be very helpful in the 7-man system

in Korea


As soon as you come to Korea, you are looking forward to becoming a next-generation prospect.

Moshi, who wants to naturalize to Korea and fulfill her dream of participating in the Olympics, made her determination to remember her family in Fiji.

[Mosi/Seoul National University Forward: Dad, Mom, thank you for supporting my dream.

I will do my best to become the national representative of Korea.

Taegeuk mark



(Video coverage: Jeon Gyeong-bae, video editing: Park Chun-bae)