Dennis Schröder is excited and optimistic about his new job with the Los Angeles Lakers.

There had been irritations in the run-up to the change.

In the meantime it was said that the German international did not want to play for the defending champions of the NBA.

“Now of course I'm with the Lakers and of course I'm also happy to be here.

Anyone who wouldn't be happy would be a bit inhuman.

But as I said, I'm happy to be here, ”said the 27-year-old on Sky TV.

His statements that he did not want to switch to the Lakers around the superstars LeBron James and Anthony Davis, he relativized.

When managing director Sam Presti asked him whether he would rather switch to the Lakers or the Los Angeles Clippers, he replied that he wanted to stay in Oklahoma for the time being, “because the fanbase, organization and teammates were the best for me Time".

National player Dennis Schröder will play for the Los Angeles Lakers in the future

Source: dpa / Ding Ting


Schröder's answer to Presti was therefore: “I just said I don't want to go to the Lakers or the Clippers.

That was of course written differently in the media.

But that's how it was. ”Schröder played in the Thunder jersey for two years.

Schröder praises James

Apparently, when he arrived in 2018, he made an arrangement with the general manager.

Presti is said to have assured Schröder that he would be able to choose his future team in the event of a change.

“Fortunately, I had one of the best managers in the world in Sam Presti.

He is open, honest and does not break his word, ”says Schröder.

His new managing director at the Lakers, Rob Pelinka, praised the development player as an "elite playmaker".

Schröder immediately returned the warm words in the interview with "Bild".

"It's a great honor to play for what is currently the best club in the world, and for a basketball player it is simply the largest platform you can get anywhere in the world."

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35-year-old James, who has already won four NBA titles, is what Schröder called "one of the best players who have ever touched the ball".

To appear at the side of the superstar in the future is also a confirmation.

"You can see that all the work that I put into it has paid off."

Last season, Schröder put on an average of 18.9 points and four assists for the surprisingly strong Thunder and was therefore a long-time candidate for the “Sixth Man of the Year” award, with which the NBA honors the best substitute player.