• Interview.Deyverson Silva, angel and demon

As every misfortune has its usefulness, however small or irrelevant it may be compared to the duel that causes it, the death of

Diego Armando Maradona

has served to remind the world of what this sport called soccer consists of.

It is not about goals, but about passion, and that is why Fluff is not cried these days in an excessive way because he was the best with a ball at his feet -which he was-, but because of the emotions he was able to provoke with his actions, with his words, with his silences or with his mere presence in such disparate people, from here and there, football fans or not.

But it is not necessary to appeal to Maradona or wait for the fateful day of his death to reach that conclusion.

The examples that the soccer industry does not base its success on scoring goals but on arousing emotions are found in much more humble contexts than those that surrounded Diego.

For example, at Deportivo Alavés, the team that Valdebebas visits tonight.

If someone asks who their best footballer is, the answer may be

Lucas Pérez, Joselu, Laguardia, Jota, Pacheco

... But if the question is who is the one who best connects with the epidermis of the Albiazules fans, the answer is certainly

Deyverson Silva


Because Dey is a guy dedicated to his cause, a striker who does not have enough goals but does not dribble a defensive effort.

A rogue by nature who takes advantage of any loophole in the regulation - and beyond - to gain an advantage, however minimal.

A natural idol, whose charisma is capable of transforming a sleeping stand into a boiling one with a simple gesture.

And also a good guy who, after the battle, stops the warrior ardor to become the most affectionate and affable rival that a footballer can find on the pitch.

«I had nothing, I worked on a beach selling water, coca cola, cakes ... Before I had nothing and now that I do have my philosophy is that I have to fight to continue having.

That makes me the player that I am ”, explained a few days ago the brave Brazilian forward, who this season has returned to Alavés, after participating in the 2016/17 season in the historic Cup runner-up with

Llorente, Theo, Ibai, Femenía


Two great images remained to be remembered in that season.

One, the bad, was his spitting battle with

Diego Godín

during a game against Atlético: "I'm not a bad person, but when an opponent bites you, it bites you, it bites you ... I was wrong and I apologize."

The other, the good one, his gesture of going to hug and comfort Celta fans after Alavés eliminated the Celestes in the Cup semifinals. «I like being very close to people and I hate seeing sad people and crying.

That's why I went there to give them a hug, to say hello and to tell them that they had a great team, "he said weeks after that.

Three years have passed since those two images, time in which the paths of Alavés and Deyverson separated.

Levante, owner of the player's rights, agreed to a transfer with Palmeiras, in which he played for two and a half years until he returned to the League in January with Getafe.

This summer, in Vitoria they threw themselves at him and made him the first signing of

Pablo Machín's

new project


«When the Alavés option came up, I didn't hesitate, because I don't have affection for this club, but rather I love this club and this city.

A more mature, more professional Deyverson is returning ”, he promised in his second move to Vitoria.

He has done it, because of the pandemic, without his family, whom he longs for so much.

Especially to his father: “He took less food home so I could go to training.

He gave up his life in favor of mine.

And, thanks to that, today he will face Madrid.

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