Former referee Ali Bin Nasser is proud and honored to have contributed to Diego Maradona's legendary solo against England at the 1986 World Cup. The Tunisian could have whistled several times for a foul against the Argentinian, but applied the advantage rule.

Maradona, who passed away on Wednesday at the age of 60, put Argentina 2-0 against England in the quarter-finals after a solo from the halfway line, bypassing four opponents and the goalkeeper and then pushing the ball into the goal.

The goal was almost immediately renamed 'Goal of the Century'.

"They tried to take him down three times, but I kept saying it was advantage. In the penalty area I expected them to take him down. I was ready to whistle for a penalty, but to my surprise he outplayed another defender. , the goalkeeper and he scored ", the now 76-year-old Bin Nasser looks back in conversation with the

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"I am proud and honored as a person and as a referee that I played a part in this legendary goal. If I had whistled, none of this would have happened. My advantage is one of my achievements that I am most proud of. am. "

Ali Bin Nasser played a crucial role not only in the 2-0, but also in the 1-0.

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'My assistant had not seen handball'

Four minutes before the solo, Maradona also signed for the 1-0 against England.

The little Argentinian clearly hit the ball with his hand into the goal, but Bin Nasser had not seen it and could not reject the goal.

Maradona later called it 'the hand of God'.

"I hesitated, but I looked at my assistant (Bogdan Dochev, ed.). He ran back to the halfway line to confirm the goal. He hadn't seen the handball," explains Bin Nasser.

"FIFA had given me clear instructions in advance. If my assistant was in better shape, I had to respect his decision."

In 2015, Maradona visited Bin Nasser in Tunisia.

"I said Argentina wouldn't have won the World Cup without him. He said he wouldn't have scored his legendary solo without me," said Bin Nasser.

Ali Bin Nasser Friday with a Diego Maradona shirt.

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