Had cancer and had surgery 3 months ago

A citizen participates in the Dubai Challenge with 30 different sports despite having a colon removed

  • Young citizen Mohammed Rahma, a surfing star in the UAE.

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Young citizen Muhammad Rahma challenged himself and insisted on participating in the Dubai Challenge (30 * 30) that ends on Saturday, despite his colectomy, after he had been suffering from ulcerative colitis for 15 years, and he was finally diagnosed with high dysplastic cancer, before he was forced To undergo surgery to replace it with an "ileostomy" bag three months ago.

Rahma said to Emirates Today: “Through my journey in the Dubai Fitness Challenge, I wanted to prove to myself and others who are going through the same circumstances that there is no such thing as impossible. I made a decision since last year to participate in the current version, and my determination to participate has increased after circumstances. The health I suffered, in the desire to present many messages to residents and citizens about the great value of this event.

He added: "The first of these messages is to emphasize the importance of sport in our lives, an important source of health and happiness together, and that there is nothing that can discourage a person from devoting time from his day to exercise."

He continued: “My goal most of participating in the Dubai Challenge is for foreigners to get acquainted with the many sports that are practiced here in the Emirates. Since my childhood, I have always found interest in football, so I decided to take a different path than many and practice other sports, so I was honored to represent the UAE. In the sport of rugby, I recently participated in the World Surf Games in Peru ».

Rahma affirmed: “I decided to participate in the Dubai Challenge with a new and different idea by practicing 30 different sports on a daily basis, and this idea was followed by hundreds of individuals when I called her through my personal accounts on social media. We went through challenges in tennis, table tennis, kickboxing, volleyball, basketball and cycling. Football, various marine sports, and other games. Every day, we faced a new challenge full of adventures and suspense.

He added: “I found that the Dubai challenge was a great opportunity, especially for residents, to get acquainted with new places that have an infrastructure according to the highest specifications and safety. The Dubai government was keen to present it to all residents of the emirate, believing in the officials’ conviction of the importance of sport in a person’s daily life. In this challenge ».

He continued: “Since last year, I have attended this challenge, thanks to an English friend named Mark Smith, who participated for 30 days in the marathons, and he invited me to participate with him, but unfortunately I was not present in the country during that period due to the circumstances of representing the UAE in the championship International waves breaking ».

Regarding the positives achieved by the "Dubai Challenge" this year, Mohammed Rahma said: “The positives are many and very important, perhaps in the forefront of which is the wonderful organization of this event, through which you feel that you are participating in a global Olympic event, as the organizers of the challenge were keen to provide the utmost comfort. For the participants, as well as safety degrees due to the Corona virus, so all precautions were applied in all sports.

He added: “Among the positives that I have noticed and monitored with me by others is the increase in the numbers participating in this year's edition of all nationalities and ages. There was a race and everyone was keen to be part of this event, which has become a milestone in sport in general, within Dubai in particular ».

Muhammad Rahma:

- "There is nothing that can discourage a person from devoting time in his day to exercise."

- "I represented the national team in rugby, and I participated in the World Surfing Games Championship."

- “I saw an increase in the numbers participating in the current year’s edition of the Dubai challenge of all nationalities and ages.”

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