It is unclear which athletes will start in this weekend's world cup premiere in Kontiolahti, Finland.

Several countries have been affected by covid-19.

The countries are awaiting information from the Finnish health authorities.

The biathlon federation's sports director Anna-Maria Uusitalo has put a lot of time and effort into preparations.

- We in the national team have really thought about everything, we have braces and a life belt on.

We have reasoned so that there is a risk that we get it into our team, but then we should feel that we have done everything we can.

"We have received it, but we have not been able to do anything more," Uusitalo told SVT Sport.

The national team has undergone two tests in a short time before departure, and Saturday awaits the next.

- We chose to test at home, we did it a few days before to have time to get answers before we went.

Then we also took a quick test today, before we went to cover the days in between there.

The riders have been isolated between test and departure.

We have told them to be careful not to go shopping and so on.

Then they have a test time tomorrow from the IBU's side, then they will be tested via the IBU every four to five days, Uusitalo says.

They bring material with them so that they can do quick tests.

- It is, as I said, the braces and belt on.

We want to be able to feel that we have done what we can.

John encouraged the riders to keep their distance from other nations, we do not know if they are as careful as we are.

Taken with freeze-dried food

What else do you have with you?

- We have brought with us freeze-dried food, we have not had that before.

In this way, someone can quickly get completely safe food that no one has been and messy on.

A microwave, kettle, lots of rubbing alcohol and lots of mouth guards.

The IBU has met with all nations and reviewed approaches and rules.

- We must do this together, everyone must take their responsibility.

If they see someone walking without a mouth guard and ignoring the rules, there will be severe consequences - then you can go home.

And then I'm not talking about pure mistakes, like forgetting a mouth guard.

KLIPP: That's why Stina Nilsson switched to biathlon

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In March, the news came that Stina Nilsson is changing sports.

Photo: SVT