According to Domanski Lyfors, the nations involved (Sweden, Portugal, Denmark and Norway) now agree that the football tournament will not end.

The tournament would have been an important preparation for this summer's Olympics in Tokyo, now the association is looking for other alternatives for the football ladies under the current national team window.

- We work to play three other matches instead, says Domanski Lyfors.

- Then we work on for two matches in April and two in June.

The first gathering for the national team in 2021 will now be held on 15–24 February, slightly earlier than when the Algarve Cup is usually played.

Exactly where the gathering will take place or which teams Sweden will play training against is not clear.

European, Nordic and non-European countries.

We have the whole field open, you have to have it now, you have to have it now when it is times like this.