OM-FC Porto express debrief -

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  • OM lost again against Porto (2-0), on the fourth day of the Champions League, a defeat synonymous with elimination from this competition.

  • André Villas Boas spoke of bad luck to justify the level of his team.

  • But OM can only blame themselves with too many individual errors for this competition.

At the Velodrome stadium,

The matches follow and are similar for OM.

Olympique de Marseille once again lost 2-0 against FC Porto on Wednesday for the fourth day of the Champions League.

If this defeat sounds the elimination of OM in the competition, it comes a little more to darken the picture of the Marseillais in Europe.

With 4 defeats in 4 games, no goals scored and nine conceded, Olympique de Marseille is the worst team in the Champions League.

“We have hit rock bottom.

We had already touched him in Porto but this time we gave everything, there was motivation.

It was a balanced game in the first half, but we still had a lot of bad luck.

Like all the time, ”André Villas Boas explained at a press conference, staring into space.

And this is not the first time that he evokes bad luck to explain the catastrophic results of OM in the Champions League.

Individual errors

It is true that the first goal scored by Porto just before half-time is cruel: OM had for the first time in the competition, or almost, offered a little play. But fate decided otherwise and on a corner, the head of Porto which was to come out was put in play from the back by Kamara, before being pushed into the back of the net twice by Sanusi (39th).

Balerdi will undoubtedly become a great central defender.

But first he has to play 100 professional matches and realize all the mistakes made possible by the game.

- RasSimmons (@RASSIMMONS) November 25, 2020

But on the second goal, OM players can only blame themselves.

The young Leandro Balerdi, established in place of Caleta Car, by André Villas Boas, caused a penalty, and his expulsion, in a completely stupid way by retaining Marega by the arm in the box.

The first goal conceded in Porto three weeks ago already came from a poor recovery from the defense.

And it is not the attack that catches the table, with a non-existent Thauvin, and mute attackers.

Benedetto hit the post well in added time, but that wouldn't have changed anything anyway.

"We are paying too much for our dream of being in C1"

A terrible observation for André Villas Boas, especially with nearly 20 days of preparation for this return match.

"We worked like never before, I worked like never before to prepare matches like that, against my team of heart," he said sorry.

With this admission of helplessness, is OM simply too weak for the level of the Champions League?

"Your words are too harsh," retorted AVB.

No, I do not think so.

We have players who have a lot of experience, who are good.

Nothing smiled on us in this competition.

There are a lot of things that we think we can do better.

We are paying too dear the price for the dream we had of being in this competition ”.

And to think that OM now want to focus on the championship to aim for the podium ... And hope to be in the Champions League next year.


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